Apple’s iTunes 11 Update will Restore Duplicate Song Search

Apple's iTunes 11

Apple’s iTunes 11 | Apple Official Website

It was reported that iTunes 11 no longer has the ability to identify duplicate songs, but there were also claims that Apple is working on a future update that will restore this functionality.

Walt Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal said that the absence of this feature is considered as “drawback” for Apple’s latest media store iteration. However, the Cupertino-based company indicated that the function “will soon be restored in a minor update of the program”.

However, other features that were already removed from iTunes 11 are not returning. This includes browsing album covers through a Cover Flow carousel. After all, this feature is considered useful by “too few users”.

Bugs and Missing Features on iTunes 11

Aside from the missing duplicate song search feature, Mossberg also experienced missing album covers in iTunes 11’s album view option. However, Apple pointed out that this “rare bug” has already been solved, and it will be fixed as soon as a minor update arrives.

The company is also said to be aware of a bug that can prevent Apple TV users from streaming cloud-based movies wirelessly. In relation to this, there were reports that the fix for the issue is also on its way. Moreover, biographical information on artist can also be seen at the store, and the company has no plans to change it.

Apple released iTunes 11 last week, boasting an overhauled user interface that is cleaner and less cluttered than its predecessor. But despite the new look and feel, many features found on the previous versions remain or can be restored like the dedicated sidebar.

As AMOG previously reported, Apple’s latest media store iteration represents a clean up interface, improved performance, and enhanced features. Basically, iTunes 11 ditches numerous menu options.

There’s also the new user’s library that can be navigated via drop-down menu. This features various options for Music, Movies and TV Shows. What’s cool about it is that Apple automatically greets its users with instructions on how to navigate the new software. As stated by Mossberg in his write up:

I’ve been testing this major new version, called iTunes 11, and I consider it a significant improvement in the look, feel, speed and function of the program, which had become somewhat bloated, sluggish and dense over the years as new features were added. …

Apple has made iTunes better and easier to use, and veteran users who upgrade will gain from the new features, if they take a little time to get used to them.

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