Rumored iPhone 5S Prototype Shows Minor Tweaks in Back Panel

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There were rumors that an iPhone 5S prototype’s back panel is out, showing minor tweaks on its internal design. However, it is unknown whether the prototype is for the purported mobile device or from an unused iPhone 5 design.

A Sneak Peak on Rumored iPhone 5S’s Back Panel

The back panel for the rumored iPhone 5S prototype has an external appearance that is identical to Apple’s released iPhone 5. However, its internal design is slightly tweaked with screws that were placed differently.

It also has “X” marks that replaced information such as the model number, FCC ID, and IMEI number. The same thing goes with previous prototypes that were photographed and posted on the Internet. Another image also shows that the internal screws were moved slightly .

But given the handset’s recent release, it is more likely that the prototype came from iPhone 5’s earlier design. Moreover, Apple tends to keep similar external iPhone design for about two years before redesigning it.

On the other hand, the possible internal tweaks of the rumored iPhone 5S can be a result of the latest mobile device’s complex design. As AMOG reported previously, repair site iFixit found out that iPhone 5’s aluminum uni-body chassis is cramped with a bigger battery, antenna connections, single speaker, camera, vibrator and home buttons. Nevertheless, it is more repairable than iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

As for the next-generation smartphone’s name, many dubbed it as iPhone 5S based on the company’s previous naming scheme. It should be recalled that that iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 were followed by iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S respectively. The successors even followed their predecessors after its respective calendar years.

If that trend continues, there’s a fair chance that the so-called iPhone 5S would essentially have the same exterior as iPhone 5, with few internal changes.

Rumored Release Date for iPhone 5S

Because of these leak images, many were speculating that iPhone 5S will be released early next year. Apple, on the other hand, declined to comment on whether the rumored device is existing, as well as its purported release date.

Regardless, Apple is generally not expected to release a new iPhone model until late 2013, or about a year after the iPhone 5 launch. And while people are clamoring on what the next-generation smartphone would look like, the iPhone 5S—in case it exist—will be more of a minor upgrade from its predecessor.

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