Reasons Why Xbox 360 is a Good Buy

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If you’re looking for a game console as a Christmas gift for yourself or for your loved one, you might want to consider buying Xbox 360. Microsoft’s gaming system may be nearing its eight birthday, but it still has lots to offer even rumors about a next-generation Xbox is starting to gain traction. Listed below are the reasons why Xbox 360 is a good buy.

Secured Network

Xbox LIVE is subject to far fewer hacks and other problems compare to other gaming networks, making it more secured for concerned users. Although no network is perfect, it has never seen a month-long hack that compromised millions of users.

Better Controller, Especially for Shooters

Although it doesn’t have rechargeable battery pack or cable, the Xbox 360 controller fits better to human hands. Its thumbstick also respond with more accuracy, making it ideal for any game that requires pinpoint precision like first-person shooter.

Great Exclusive Games

If you’re a fan shooter games, Xbox is the great place to play titles like Halo or Gears of War. Not to mention that similar well-known games that players with a penchant for shooters games are looking for can be found on Microsoft’s console. What’s cool about this is that cross-platform shooters have more robust online community on Xbox LIVE.

Fewer Struggles for Cross-Platform Games

It appears that struggles in cross-platform games are more of an issue now than in the past. Games like Skyrim encounter game-breaking bugs on other consoles, although other games in the recent months have the same problem. In fact, users of many third-party games have reported lag, freezing, game crashes and other problems.

But what makes Xbox 360 a better platform than other consoles is the fact it is easier to develop games for Microsoft’s gaming system. Thus, cross-platforms games encounter fewer struggles here.

It is a Machine of Choice in the US

It may not able to dominate the global market, but Xbox 360 is the console of choice in the US. Depending on your friends, there’s a big chance that you know more people who uses Microsoft’s gaming console—especially if they love to play online.

Windows and Windows 8 Integration

Xbox 360 is also ideal if you want to network your console to your Windows-based PC or Windows Phone. Although Microsoft could do better by making the process easier, their SmartGlass technology and Windows 8 can help you link their Windows products together.

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