Android and iPad Push Increase in Tablet Sales

Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire

Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire | Wikipedia

Research firm IDC released its latest prediction about the tablet market, saying that there will be a continuous increase in tablet sales starting late 2012 to 2016. In fact, the company raised their sales estimate from 117.5 millions units to be sold globally to 122.3 million. That is because of their claim that there is a strong demand on Apple’s iPad Mini and growing Android sales.

Additionally, the research firm increased their 2013 prediction from 165.9 million units to 172.4 million, while their 2016 figure was upped from 261.4 million to 282.7 million units. As stated by IDC Tablet Research Director Tom Mainelli:

Android tablets are gaining traction in the market thanks to solid products from Google, Amazon, Samsung and others. And Apple’s November iPad Mini launch, along with its surprise refresh of the full-sized iPad, positions the company well for a strong holiday season.

Increasing Global Market Share for Android Devices

Aside from that, researchers at IDC predicted that Android-based devices would account for larger portion of the global market. The research firm estimates that Android tablets will garner 42.7 percent of the worldwide market this year, while Apple’s share will decrease to 53.8 percent.

According to Ryan Reith, the IDC Mobile Device Tracker manager, the change can be partially due to the devices’ shifting form factors.

The breadth and depth of Android has taken full effect on the tablet market as it has for the smartphone space. Android tablet shipments will certainly act as the catalyst for growth in the low-cost segment in emerging markets given the platform’s low barrier to entry on manufacturing. At the same time, top-tier companies like Samsung, Lenovo, and ASUS are all launching Android tablets with comparable to premium products, but offered at much lower price points.

Nevertheless, the relative market shares of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android will decrease slightly as time goes by. IDC expects that a minor amount of their market share will be surrendered to Windows, which will account for 10.3 percent of sales by 2016.

However, the future of Windows tablets remains questionable. Will Windows 8 and its future version continue to grow at a relatively fast rate? Or will its place slacked after 2016? It may be too early to speculate on what lies ahead for the new and upcoming tablet platform, but with iOS and Android having a head start; it would be tough for Microsoft to become a major player in the tablet market.

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