Mass Effect 3: Official MEHEM Trailer is Out

Mass Effect 3

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After Mass Effect 3’s MEHEM mod was announced last month, it was reported that the team behind it was polishing the mod since then. In fact, the team has released its official trailer today.

[youtube] TOBz3KlGbDg [/youtube]

In addition, the latest MEHEM version was updated last November 24, and is now available for download.

More About Mass Effect 3 MEHEM

Mass Effect 3 MEHEM is an extended created by BioWare that promises to alter the game’s ending to, somehow, a better one. The mod is only available for PC, although PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 owners can also take a look at it to see whether the fan-made ending is better than the official one.

Moreover, it was reported that MEHEM is not yet finalized, so gamers could expect more adjustments and changes in its later version. BioWare also posted details about the mod’s latest version including the changes included in it, as well as what gamers have to do before and after downloading MEHEM.

What Does it Do?

– It removes the catalyst scene. No ifs, not buts. It’s gone for good. (So is your choice, you will now destroy the reapers no matter what)
– It introduces a whole new scene showing how Joker disobeys orders and keeps the Normandy in the fight long enough for Shepard to be rescued (with the help of a certain Alliance captain :))
– The Normandy no longer crash-lands on the Weirdo Planet
– The Geth and EDI survive. EDI is now present during the memorial and you can add new slides to the epilogue that will show the geth, if they are alive. All credit and thanks for the slides goes to areyouareaper!
– You will see your Shepard reunited with his crew (and even some interaction unique to your LI if the LI is part of the Normandy crew). While they don’t exactly have a party, now it is a real bitter-sweet ending with the emphasis on “sweet” rather than on “bitter”
– The musical score is changed quite extensively, including the credits song
– Since v0.2, Harbinger will say a few lines during the beam run

Changes in Version 0.2

– Shepard now wears his uniform at the memorial scene (s/he still has and injured face but if you play default Shep, it’s partially healed. Custom Sheps are in the same condition as during the mission)
– EDI is no longer on the memorial wall and is present during the memorial (she replaces Javick, who is already taken off to that nebula he wanted to see). Note: Edit should be there even if you don’t have from Ashes but it would be nice if someone could confirm that.
– New add-in dialogue slides have been added for the casses that the Geth and Quarians made peace and also for the case that the player supported the Geth and wiped out the Quarians. Credit for these new slides goes to areyouareaper! Thank you!
– Harbinger now speaks a couple of lines during the beam run
– Shepards walking animations during the memorial scene are fixed to the best of my ability. Manly Shepard walks manly now. If you have a FemShep with a female LI/best friend, FemShep also has a manly walk but that doesn’t look as awkward as MaleShep’s female walk.
– Garrus facial expressions are fixed. His hugging scene is still clipping like hell though, That’s something to fix for the next version
– Some minor clipping throughout the memorial scene is fixed (not all of it though)
– Shepard no longer carries a pistol during the memorial scene
– The pistol shot, you could hear after the pause in between the space battle videos is removed
– The sound mix of the videos has been slightly improved to make some of the dialogue easier to understand#
– IGN logos have been removed from the videos and one repeating scene of Joker has been replaced with a new one

To-do List for Version 0.2 (24. 11. 2012)

– Make sure EDI doesn’t show up in the slide show as dead (this is already fixed. You can downoad a hotfix for this issue for v0.2in these two locations:
– Take care of the ME2 LIs in some way and remove inapropriate hugging (This is next on my agenda. I have a very definite plan for this and if everything goes well, this should not take too long to implement)
– Remove Garrus’ clipping isues (I’ll keep trying to tame that stubbern Turian)
– Suggestion: Show survivors from the citadel, e.g. Cpt. Bailey (Things are in the works for this one already as well)
– Improve the videos with custom scenes (Ongoing discussions and plans in this very thread)
– Suggestion: Change the music (I still haven’t had time to look into all the suggestions I have seen so far. However, until something really impressively bette comes up, I’ll stick to the suicide track. If you like to change things for your version, try the tutorial on this page)
– Suggestion: Implement the extended dialogue between Anderson and Shep during Anderson’s death scene (Not sure if this is feasible, it’d be nice but it will be pushed back until we have a clearer idea on how to do it)
– Fix subtitle issues for Joker and Hackett (I think I know how to do it but it’s a pretty time consuming procedure, not sure when I’ll do it. For now, I recommend to just turn the subtitles off)

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