Misfit Village Brings “Drag Me to Hell” Vibe with Tainted Fate

Tainted Fate Screenshot

Tainted Fate Screenshot by Misfit Village | IndieGoGo

A lot of gamers may be a big fan of Amnesia The Dark Descent when it comes to horror, but game developer Misfit Village decides to shy away from the psychological nature of a horror story. Instead, the developer aims to bring an Evil Dead or Drag Me to Hell vibe with their upcoming title—Tainted Fate.

Tainted Fate: An Interesting Take on Narrative

What’s interesting about Tainted Fate is its take on narrative, as it interweaves two stories into one continuous game. Played in first-person, it immerses the gamer into a dynamic story that will depend on his decisions.

The first part is set in 1940s, wherein a convicted murderer was sent off to an island. Once he arrives, however, strange things started to happen and the mysteries of the island started to unfold.

The second part is set in 2012, which follows a young filmmaker who head to a haunted island. She went to the remote location after hearing tales about it, hoping that she’ll be able to make the most horrifying film of her career. As independent gaming website Indie Game Mag pointed out:

Tainted Fate does sound a very interesting new horror game, and more importantly one that is not trying to take itself too serious whilst still being able to impart a fantastic story. If you are a fan of horror overall and do love the clichés that exist within the genre, I have a strong feeling you will love Tainted Fate.

In relation to this, Tainted Fate will be a first-person survival horror adventure for PC and Mac. In NeoAxis Engine gets a Linux support by the time the game becomes available; then it will also roll out for Linux desktops. Moreover, it uses the latest effects like Depth of Field, SSAO, FXAA and Light Scattering to create an immersive and atmospheric world.

Misfit Village on IndieGogo

As of the moment, Tainted Fate’s developer—Misfit Village—is running an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for the game. They need to accumulate a modest sum of $3,000 in order for them to get some of the essentials together that are needed to continue Tainted Fate’s development.

If you’re interested to in invest on an “awesome future product”, then head on to Misfit Village’s IndieGoGo page and contribute. Your help could come in with some perks. A playable pre-alpha/tech demo is also available on the page.

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