Add Physical Buttons on iOS Devices with WynCASE

WynCASE for iPhone and iPod Touch

WynCASE for iPhone and iPod Touch | WynLABS Official Website

To those who play games on their iPhone or iPod Touch devices, the touch-based controls are deemed intuitive. However, it might be the same when playing space shooters and other kind of fast-paced games. Thus, WynLABS created WynCASE.

WynCASE: Offering a Better Gamin Experience on iOS Device

WynCASE is designed for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch in order to provide better gaming experience, which is similar to PlayStation Vita or Nintendo 3DS. The case has slim brushed metal buttons that don’t require any battery power. As posted on WynLABS’ official website:

Turn your iOS device into the most powerful mobile game system ever. No batteries, no Bluetooth, no bulky design. The WynCASE brings real gaming back and serves as an elegant reversible case when not in use.

In relation to this, WynLABS developed what they call BidgeTOUCH technology. It will make use of tiny input spots on the touchscreen itself, minimizing latency and making it better for fast-paced games. This technology utilizes the device’s efficiency without straining its performance or battery life.

Users stay in control and the phone keeps on going, even with fast-action games. According to their Kickstarter Page:

The WynCASE lets you play games on your iPhone or iPod Touch with real buttons. It feels just like a real controller in your hands, instantly giving you more control of your games. And with your hands off of the screen, you’ll get a much better view of the action. Play your games, new and old for a whole new level of experience, reaching higher scores by having the ultimate competitive advantage.

Other WynCASE Features

It also offers versatility by letting players enjoy their mobile games in landscape or portrait mode. WynCASE is so small that users can keep it in their pocket, and all they need to start it up to snap it on their iOS device. Moreover, gamers can play on the big screen by connecting the iPhone or iPod Touch to Apple TV.

When not in use, users can flip the WynCASE around, using it as a protective back case without blocking the rear-facing camera and flash. The drawback of this component though is that it cuts off a bit of the screen’s real estate.

WynCASE will be launching today in Kickstarter, raising funds of up to $80,000 in order to come to fruition. To get your own WynCASE, you need to pledge $30.

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