Apple Delays Approval of Microsoft’s SkyDrive App for iOS

Microsoft SkyDrive

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It was reported that Apple and Microsoft are at odds over the Cupertino-based company’s 30 percent cut on sales through iOS applications. Both companies were also in dispute with the iOS users’ ability to sign up for SkyDrive service.

The SkyDrive App for iOS Issue

There were claims that the issue between Apple and Microsoft started when the latter updated its SkyDrive application for iOS. The service’s new version allows user to buy more storage space, which have prompted Apple to block the app’s update.

Microsoft’s update brings in bug fixes for SkyDrive, but Apple won’t approve it because the app doesn’t pay their 30 percent cut on subscription fees. As Alex Wilhelm of The Next Web explains:

Microsoft does not appear keen to pay Apple 30% cut, as it lasts in perpetuity, regardless of whether a user continues to use an iOS device or not, as the billing is through their Apple account.

On the other hand, Microsoft confirmed that there has been a “delay in approval” of their updated SkyDrive for iOS. They even released a statement, saying that they hope to resolve the issue with Apple.

Similar to the experience of some other companies, we are experiencing a delay in approval of our updated SkyDrive for iOS. We are in contact with Apple regarding the matter and hope to come to a resolution. We will provide additional information as it becomes available.

In relation to this, there were reports that Microsoft offered to remove their SkyDrive app’s paid subscription options. However, Apple felt that the move was not enough. That’s because users can still sign up for the SkyDrive service through the application.

Beyond Microsoft’s SkyDrive

Moreover, it was reported that Apple’s blocking has gone further than just Microsoft. The company is also barring third-party applications that have SkyDrive integration. It also has something to do with Microsoft not paying Apple’s 30 percent cut from the app’s subscription fees.

One of them is Files Pro, which was rejected because it includes a Sign Up button for Microsoft Live’s login. All Things D also reported that the issue has something to do with the upcoming Office 365 for iOS. The dispute has something to do with the subscription fee, as Office 365 also allows access to a suite of apps, which includes SkyDrive.

Launched last December 2011, the SkyDrive for iOS offers unique features like collaborative document editing, note sharing, and cross-platform accessibility.

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