25 Gifts You Must Get for Your Girl this Christmas

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As if the holiday season couldn’t get any more stressful, you have to spend your time and money worrying about what to get the woman in your life. After all, it is the time of year to show her how much she really means to you.

Of course, there are things to consider. If you’re only been dating for a month you don’t want to go out and get her a diamond ring. And, if you’ve been dating for years, you don’t want to wrap up a box of chocolates to give her on Christmas morning. Also, if you’ve been paying attention to your significant other, then you should be well aware of something that she really wants.

Regardless, here are 25 gifts to get for your girl this Christmas. It could be a stand alone present, or just one of many. It all depends on your financial situation and the status of your relationship, but they should definitely make her happy on December 25.

25. Gift Card to Her Favorite Clothing Store

Don’t make the mistake of buying clothes for the woman in your life. Sure. You may have excellent tastes, and she does like a new outfit, that could all be ruined if the size is wrong. If it’s too big, she’ll think that you think she’s fat. So, the best option is a gift card to her favorite clothing store. While this shouldn’t be the only gift you give her, it shows that you pay attention to stores she likes and it gives her a chance to shop for what she wants.

24. A Blanket

Women love to bundle up in a warm and comfortable blanket. So, why not get her a top of the line blanket? More specifically, a blanket from Scarlet & Argent Chamber. If this blanket is good enough for the Queen of England, then it’s good enough for your girl.

23. Digital Picture Frame – With Pictures Already On It

Remind her of all the good times the two of you have had with a digital picture frame. Bonus points if you already upload the pictures, especially her favorites.

22. Dance or Cooking Class

A lot of people enjoy taking a class on something that they want to learn how to do. Sign her up for a class that she has mentioned, or better yet, take her to a dancing or cooking class. There’s no shame in spending some quality time with your girl and learning how to do something that the two of you can continue to use throughout the years.

21. Makeup

Remember, girls wear makeup to impress us, and it makes them feel more desirable. While there’s a lot of makeup out there ‘Bare Minerals’ has gotten good reviews. Or, you could just ask someone at a makeup counter.

20. Art

Whether it’s a painting, vase, sculpture or knick-knack, most people could use a piece of art as either a decoration or as something they’ll use. She her that you have some class and taste by picking her up a piece of art that her, and others, will admire.

19. A Dozen Roses

Can you ever go wrong with a dozen roses?

18. Something Homemade

Sometimes you don’t need to buy something expensive for your girl. Write her a poem, bake some cookies or make her coffee table. No matter or big or small, she’s going to appreciate the thought and effort. Just make sure that it’s made just for her.

17. Dom Pérignon and Chocolate Strawberry Basket

What says romance more than a bottle of Dom Pérignon and some chocolate strawberries?

16. Bottle of Wine and a Wine Set

If champagne isn’t your girl’s cup of tea, then how about a nice bottle of wine and a wine set?

15. Skin Care Products

Women like to feel pampered, which is why a basket of skin care products is something she’ll not only use, but will be thankful for.

14. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are not only used to create a romantic atmosphere, they also help calm and relax the body. If you’re lost in this department, ‘Bath and Body Works’ has a nice selection.

13. Watch

I think we could all use a new watch every now and then. They’re not only practical, they’re also fashionable.

12. Purse

A woman can always use a new purse. Make sure to pay attention if she needs one to match a new outfit or for a specific occasion. And, it would also help if you knew the brands or styles that she prefers.

11. Lingerie

Getting her some lingerie that won’t offend her could show how much you appreciate her body, and that will boost her confidence. Just remember that she’ll be the one wearing it, so be certain that it’s something she will be comfortable in.

10. Her Favorite Book or Book By Her Favorite Author

It’s an easy enough gift, but it will get you bonus points for remembering something that she enjoys on her spare time.

9. iPhone – With Her Favorite Music

Everyone wants a new iPhone, but loading it with her favorite music will definitely give this gift an edge.

8. Favorite Movie

Just like a book, it’s an easy enough present to get hold of. The important thing is that it shows what matters to her. Man up and watch it with her and you too will be rewarded.

7. Bath Stuff

Getting her some bath gifts will give her the opportunity to relax in a soothing bubble bath. ‘Bath and Body Works’ has a great selection of bath gifts to choose from.

6. Perfume

Scent is powerful sense for both you, and more importantly to her. Check out ‘Yves Rocher’ and find something that sounds like something your girl would enjoy wearing.

5. Romantic Evening

Show the lady in your life a romantic night out. Whether it’s going to her favorite restaurant or simply staying in and making your own meal and enjoying it by candlelight. It doesn’t really matter what you decide to do, just make sure that it’s romantic to her and not just going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch a football game.

4. Massage

Send your lady to a spa, or at least to a massage parlor, where she can get pampered and relieve some stress.

3. Jewelry

What woman doesn’t love jewelry? And, you can find something for every stage of your relationship. New relationships can call for earrings or a bracelet, while serious relationships could call for diamonds or an engagement ring. Just try to find something to her particular taste and she’ll be more than satisfied. If you need some assistance, head to ‘Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry’ or ‘Fred Meyer Jewelers’.

2. A Puppy

Women love puppies. They’re adorable. And, it shows how committed you are to the relationship.

1. A Vacation

You could go all out and take her away to somewhere she’s also wanted to go to, maybe Paris. A vacation with the two of you would be something she’ll never forget, and it could fulfill other gift ideas, like that romantic evening out.

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