How To: Stay Fit Despite the Holiday Parties

The holidays don’t always gel with trying to stay fit. And, the worst culprit is the holiday party. Besides digging into your schedule, holiday parties are filled with drinks and food that can help put on those unwanted pounds. However, you can remain fit and still party, and here’s how.

Pick and Choose Your Parties

Just because you’re invited to a party doesn’t mean you have to attend. If your attendance isn’t essential, its alright to skip a party. Less parties mean less drinking and eating unhealthy food and more time to stay in shape.

Nibble Throughout The Day

If you have healthy snacks throughout the day you will be less inclined to gorge yourself when you’re at the party. Going to a party hungry can be disastrous, since there will be a lot of junk food in your presence. Instead, make sure to snack on healthy options, like veggies and whole grain bread before you head out. And, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water as well.

Smaller Portions

Whether you’re going to a party with a sit- down dinner, or just a party with snacks, be cautious of your portions. Instead of making up a plate so full of food that it’s overflowing, make up a small plate. If small enough, you may even be able to have seconds. Sometimes it’s not what you eat but how much.

Drink Wisely

Drinking is definitely expected, and there’s no reason not to enjoy yourself, especially when being responsible. But, if you want to stay fit, you need to avoid certain alcoholic beverages. Pretty much any mixed drink is going to have a lot of unwanted calories. So, stick with options like light beer, vodka and soda water, gin and diet tonic, wine, champagne, or rum and diet coke. A single shot is fine, but if you keep taking shots, the calories will add up.

Be Active

For those that have strict workout schedules, it may be difficult to find the time during the holidays. However, there are workouts you could do when in the office or when on the road. Even if can’t do your full workout there are enough short and fast workouts to get you through.

Even if you don’t workout, you at least need to be active. Shoot hoops friends or family. Park at the furthest spot at the mall. Stand instead of sitting. Any sort of physical activity is better than just attending holiday parties and putting on the pounds.

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