8 Holiday Drinking Games To Make Your Season Bright

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Whether you need to blow off some steam, drink away your sorrows, or just kick back and make a fool of yourself, there’s nothing like a drinking game to keep the party going. But, are there any drinking games to celebrate the holidays with? Sure there are.

Not only are the following holiday drinking games festive, they can be played if you’re either hosting a party or if you just need to break up the awkward family moments. Regardless, these games are guaranteed to jingle your bells this holiday season.

Racist Relative Roulette

We guarantee that each of us has one or two family members that happen to be a bit racist. So, instead of correcting them or being embarrassed, have some fun with their inappropriateness. To play this game, grab a sibling or cousin, find your racist relative and take a swig of your favorite holiday beverage every time they say anything remotely racist.

Politically Incorrectness

Here’s another simple drinking game that is based on people’s political incorrectness. Every time you hear someone say “Merry Christmas!” you take a swig. Your partner in crime takes a drink when someone proclaims “Happy holidays!”. While this game could be played at home, or even by calling stores, it works perfectly in public. A restaurant that serves alcohol or a bar are both safe public options. But, if you’re feeling a little naughty this year, you can bring a flask along with you to the mall or wherever else in public you choose.


Evenly divide the holiday cards you’ve received this year with at least one other person. Take turns reading the cards aloud, and take your drink every time you come across photos of people wearing Christmas sweaters, creepy religious messages, or pictures of surly children. Take an extra drink if your card has a pet wearing a seasonal sweater.

Never Have I Ever

There’s a reason why “Never Have I Ever” is a popular drinking game. It’s fun and embarrassing. To play the game fill up your cup and hold out all of your fingers. Each person playing says something that they had never done during the holiday season. If you’ve done it, take a drink and put a finger down. The first person to lose takes a shot!

Ibble Dibble

Ibble Dibble is a British adaptation of drinking game found across college campuses across the States. Before you begin playing, here’s what you’ll need: a wine bottle cork, a lighter and a group of at least 5-6 participants.

Begin the game by lighting the end of the cork, let it burn until it blackens, and then blow the flame out and let the cork cool for a minute. The players sit in a circle, are assigned a number and must recite the following mantra : “Ibble Dibble X spot, I’ve got no spots, how many spots has Y spot got?” (For X replace the current player’s number and for Y, that player must say another non-adjacent player’s number.)

After someone recites the mantra incorrectly they’ll receive a black spot on the forehead from the game master; this happens if they get tongue-tied, if they give the incorrect number of spots for a certain player number or if they choose the number of the player sitting on either side.

Each time a black spot is placed on the forehead, the player must take two sips of their drink. If they receive 5 spots they are eliminated, although they remain in the circle. Hysterical laughter usually ends the game before a winner is found (the person with the least number of black spots on their forehead).

Drinking Games to Holiday Movies

There are an endless amount of drinking games to go along with movies. Why? Because they’re simple and get us trashed. Thankfully, holiday movies can be just as decadent. To begin, pick your favorite holiday movie, grab your comrades, drinks, and begin the fun.

If you’re watching “A Christmas Story”, take a drink when you hear “You’ll shoot your eye out,” or “Red Ryder BB Gun”.

For “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, you drink when Charlie Brown complains about his life, Linus sucks his thumb, Snoopy dances and when Schroeder starts to play the piano. For good measure, you can also take a drink when someone says “good grief”.

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” is a another great holiday movie to play a drinking game with. Take a sip or beer or a shot when Clark puts himself or others in danger, Clark’s bonus is mentioned, a calendar door is opened, Clark messes with the neighbors, an animal or person fooling with Christmas tree, and Clark getting irritated by Cousin Eddie. As if that wasn’t enough, finish your drink every time a character pounds theirs.

If you’re tired of those holiday movie drinking games, you can try one with “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”. To play this game, divide your group into two teams, The Whos From Whoville and The Grinch. Every time the narrator says your team name, you take a drink.

The Alphabet Game

The holiday version of this classic drinking game is easy, and will get your blitzened. For the holiday version, make sure that all the words are Christmas or Hanukkah related. For example, the person starting the game with A could say “Away in a Manger.” The second person repeats the first and then adds his or her own that starts with a B, like Blitzen. It then goes on so forth and on.

Dreidel Drinking Game

If you celebrate Hanukkah, you weren’t forgotten. Here’s an adult take on a normal game of dreidel, but instead of something like candy, you get drunk. And, there’s even two versions!

Version one:
Nun: Don’t drink
Shin: Tell someone else to drink
Hay: Drink once
Gimmel: Drink twice
Shin: Tell someone else to drink

Version two:
Grab some friends, some beer, a dreidel and a glass!
Nun: Do nothing
Shin: Pour some of your drink into the glass
Hay: Drink 1/2 of what’s in the glass
Gimmel: Drink everything

You keep on playing until someone converts, or until it’s time for latkees.’

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