Amazon Japan Hints Final Fantasy Versus XIII Name Change

Final Fantasy Versus XIII | Amazon Japan

It appears that Square Enix will call Final Fantasy Versus XIII a new name once it is done. Based on recent changes on Amazon Japan’s Versus game page, the title has been marked with “Tentative Name.”

Could this mean that Square Enix is still undecided on the game name? Whatever it is, it cannot be denied that the change was recent. In relation to this, there were rumors that Versus XIII could be called something unexpected like Final Fantasy Agito XIII’s Type-0.

Square Enix added that majority of their staff are working on Final Fantasy XIV. That’s why development for Versus XIII has been slow. With the recent announcement of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, it appears that people have to wait even longer for Versus XIII.

More About Final Fantasy Versus XIII

The game’s story revolves around Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum. His home country is an isolated and highly developed city state, where his father reigns as a king. The city state also holds the world’s last crystal, which is responsible for their military, political, and technological power.

However, another nation invades the city state and steals the crystal. News about the stolen crystal ignites a global conflict because other nations also want the crystal for themselves.

Amidst the world war, Noctis and his closest friends go on an epic journey to get the crystal back. As shared by Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix’s game and character designer:

The stories from the past entries in the Final Fantasy series are not exactly as I would have done, but that’s as it should be because I didn’t direct them. My only concern in terms of Versus XIII is that FF always talks about human emotion and psychologies in a broad way.…

New Versus XIII Character and In-game Video

Prior to this, The Examiner reported last month that Square Enix may be revealing a new character and more in-game footage for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It was reported that the game publisher will be holding a conference on January 15 – 17, although there are no words on the venue yet.

Officially announced in 2006, Versus XIII is one of the three games in Fabula Nova Crystallis series. Together with it come Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Type-0. The much-awaited game will be exclusive for PlayStation 3, and will be developed by Square Enix 1st Production Department.

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