PS Vita Firmware 2.02, Now Out for Download

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita | Sony US Official Website

Sony released their new firmware update for the PlayStation Vita last Tuesday night. As the company posted on their official Twitter account, firmware version 2.02 is a minor and optional update that is said to improve PS Vita’s software stability during use of some features. However, it is unknown what features Sony is talking about.

In relation to this, there were speculations that the firmware update has something to do with LittleBigPlanet 2’s cross-control pack. The cross-control pack, which is now available via download, allows users to play LBP2 on PlayStation 3 using a PS Vita controller.

Sony recommends that users should download firmware update 2.02 to guarantee that their PlayStation Vita will perform at optimal levels. It is said that the download and installation process requires not more than a few minutes.

Burn the Rope for PS Vita

In another PS Vita news, UberGizmo reported that Burn the Rope is now available for the game console via download.

Burn the Rope Screenshot | Burn the Rope Official Website

For those who don’t know, Burn the Rope is a game that requires players to burn as much rope as possible in each level. Just tap the console’s screen whenever there is a rope in order to start the pyrotechnics. In addition, users can control the direction of the flame by rotating the screen. However, the challenge here is that the flame only burns upwards, leaving players to tilt and turn their device to keep the fire alive.

Just like a Zippo lighter, the flame is guaranteed to always burn up, and it will burn out when it run out of rope. The rope’s angle will determine the speed of the flame, and users can also navigate the burning process using the rear touchscreen.

Aside from that, Burn the Rope brings in a number of features. As posted on the game’s official website:

The game features 116 devilishly tricky levels with polished graphics and mesmerizing fire effects. Bugs that crawl along the rope spice things up demonstrating different reactions to the flame from level to level. Ants change the color of the flame so that users could burn different colored ropes, and the spider shoots out a web bridge providing access to the parts of the level that were beyond players’ reach before.

Moreover, a hot new addition to the franchise—Burn the Rope: Worlds—is now available for iPhone. It brings in 100 new levels and four different themed worlds.

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