A Sneak Peek on Lightning’s New Default Design

Lightning - Computer Graphics Render

Lightning – Computer Graphics Render | Wikipedia

After Japanese publications were given a sneak peek of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, scans of Lightning’s new default outfit has since surfaced.

Designed by Tetsuya Nomura, Lightning is clad in a black armor and whit cape—a default style that appears to be a radical variation of her original XIII-2 armor. It was also reported that over 20 other outfit will be obtainable throughout the game.

Lightning’s New Look Revealed in Japanese Magazines

Prior to this, Lightning’s new look was revealed to Japanese Magazines before the official trailer of the game will be released later this week.

The outfit is said to be a mixture of several styles, akin to her FFXIII-2 getup. Her upper body is covered in black armor, while the lower part features a body suit. She is also wearing elements of a classic white mage’s outfit, including white cape and red gloves. On her left arm is a shield that is similar to a Mobile Suit Gundam, while her sword got a reddish and yellow color.

Lightning’s Ability and Game Plot

The concept of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has something to do with “the world’s last remaining 13 days”. It follows the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, wherein Gran Pulse and Valhalla have merged due to the chaos that occurred after Etro’s death. As a result, Novus Partus—as series of islands floating in the Sea of Chaos— was created.

Hundred of years after the merger, Lightning awakens from her crystal sleep to save the world. That’s because the Novus Partus will be encroached by the Sea of Chaos within 13 days. Along the way, Lightning reunites with his former allies, which includes Hope Estheim and Snow Villiers.

In addition, it was reported that Lightning’s ability includes traversing freely over the game’s various terrain, which includes the city. She can jump on obstacles like telephone booths, and use the elements of stealth that is much different than the previous games. It only means that Lightning can move about the world freely.

Another image scan also shows that monsters will make an appearance in the town. A scan image of Lightning’s new costume, as well as the purported monsters in town can be seen on gaming website Nova Crystallis.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set to resurface at Jump Festa, which means that more and more relevant news will be available online.

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