Apple’s Next-gen iPad Mini is in the Works

Apple's iPad Mini | Apple Official Website

Apple’s iPad Mini | Apple Official Website

There were rumors that component makers for the second-generation iPad Mini are now preparing for an earlier-than-expected time to market. However, the timeframe is still questionable since the current model of the 7-inch tablet is yet to complete its global rollout.

Moving Up for Next-gen iPad Mini

Based on a research note from Doug Freedman of RBC Capital Markets, chipmakers are already prepping up for the production of the second-generation iPad Mini. The analyst was in China during those times, visiting supply chain sources in the country. Freedman wrote:

iPad Mini Gen-2: Apple’s gen-2 iPad Mini is getting pulled-in, and is likely to have several new suppliers, with TXN gaining content.

According to CNET’s Brooke Crothers, the term “pulled-in” could mean that Apple may be stepping up its production schedule for iPad Mini. However, he noted that the information is of little use because no rumors have surfaced regarding to the release of a next-generation iPad Mini.

In relation to this, there were claims that Texas Instruments will be a component supplier for future iDevice products. It also remains vague what “new suppliers” will be added to the roster, although there were reports that Apple is looking for ways to diversify their component supply. Moreover, the Cupertino-based company is said to be moving away their supply of internal components away from Samsung.

The report comes on the heels of another rumor, claiming that Apple will be focusing its efforts on improving the second-generation iPad Mini’s screen resolution. That way, the tablet will be more in line with the Retina Display being featured in iPad 4 and iPhone 5.

Apple’s iPad Mini: Completing it Worldwide Release and Joining the Chinese Market

Apple is still in the midst of completing iPad Mini’s worldwide release. In fact, it recently debuted to the Chinese market at the start of the month.

Last Tuesday, it was reported that Telecommunications Equipment Certification Center granted network licenses for cellular-enabled versions of the 7-inch tablet. As reported by Apple-centric news website AppleInsider:

The Chinese Telecommunications Equipment Certification Center (TENAA) granted Apple two licenses on December 13 for devices carrying the model numbers A1455 and A1460, which are noted on the company’s website as being the iPad Mini WiFi + Cellular and  fourth-generation iPad WiFi + Cellular respectively.

However, the said units will be launching soon through Apple’s partner carriers China Unicom and China Telecom.

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