What Does The Future Hold For Tim Tebow? 5 Possible Outcomes


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Has there ever been a back-up player more popular than Tim Tebow?

By now, many of you are familiar with the saga of Tim Tebow. He became a legend as a Florida Gator. He won the Heisman in 2007. And, he was ready to take on the NFL after being drafted 25th overall by the Denver Broncos during the 2010 NFL Draft. Still, there were still questions about his ability as a NFL quarterback. Those questions were, at the time, squashed after the remarkable run that Tebow and the Broncos had last season. Denver finished with a 8-8 record, which was good enough for a playoff spot.

Despite all that, which also included one playoff win, John Elway wasn’t exactly sold on Tebow. Of course, we all know that Denver went out and wisely signed Peyton Manning. This season, Denver is 11-3 and they have already clinched the AFC West. But, the Broncos still had to end Tebowmania. So, during the offseason, Denver traded Tebow to the Jets. The trade didn’t make sense then, and now, it really seems questionable.

New York is benching Mark Sanchez, which is probably something they should have done a long time ago. But, instead of starting Tim Tebow against the Chargers this weekend, the Jets are going with Greg McElroy.

Naturally, Tebow will most likely ask for a trade or to be released. And, you can’t blame the guy. Back when the Jets acquired Tebow, they welcomed him with billboards, a huge press conference, and the promise of actually being on the field. Now, with McElroy starting, what does the future hold for Tim Tebow?

Here are five possible scenarios for Tim Tebow’s future.

5. Leaves The NFL

Many are speculating that Tebow’s brief stint in the NFL will come to close after this season. It seems that teams are realizing that Tebow isn’t a NFL quarterback, something that a lot of people stated after he left college. Furthermore, teams also know that Tebow is a gimmick player, and, how many gimmick plays can a coach call during a game? Signing Tebow would probably just end up being a distraction, which is why a NFL team would be hesitant to sign or trade for Tim Tebow

4. Remains a Jet

This is highly unlikely, but stranger things have happened. What if McElroy plays poorly or gets injured? Maybe Rex will put Tebow in and they go from there. Tebow could once again surprise us all and lead the Jets to a couple of victories. Even if that doesn’t happen, the Jets need to take this off-season and evaluate what that have and what their options are. Sure, Tebow is probably leaving New York, just don’t expect the Jets to do anything in a hurry.

3. Becomes a Permanent Back-Up

While most NFL teams would be hesitant to sign Tebow, there’s always that one team that surprises everyone. Teams like Jacksonville and St. Louis had interest when Denver put Tebow on the market. And, is there really any part of you that wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Jones brought Tebow to Dallas? The point is, a team could be crazy enough to sign Tebow and have become a permanent back-up or wild-cat player.

2. Joins the Montreal Alouettes

Tebow could head up north and play in the CFL. In fact, the Montreal Alouettes already hold his rights. It may not be a permanent solution. Tebow could spend some time in the CFL and work on his game. And, there’s no shame in that. Warren Moon, Doug Flutie, Jeff Garcia and Joe Theismann all played in the CFL and then converted to the NFL.

1. Returns to Jacksonville

Of course, Tebow could return to his hometown of Jacksonville. The Jaguars did express interest in Tebow before he was traded to the Jets. And, it makes sense. Jacksonville doesn’t really have a quarterback. Seriously, is Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne any worse than Tebow? A gamble on Tebow could payoff for the Jags. What do they have to lose? But, more importantly, having Tebow play for the Jags would also sell tickets. In the end, isn’t that what the NFL really cares about?

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