Apple Seeds OS X 10.8.3 Build to Developers

Apple's OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion | Apple Official Website

Apple’s OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion | Apple Official Website

Apple seeded OS X 10.8.3 build 12D44 to developers last Thursday, just two days after the previous version was released.

However, it is unclear what changes have been made to the latest build, as developers were asked to focus on the same areas. In fact, build 12D44’s release notes are identical to those released together with 12D43 last Tuesday.

The release note also comes with the same step-by-step procedure for installing and activating the “OS X Software Update Seed Configuration Utility”. This configuration utility allows developers to download news seeds straight from the Software Update in the Mac App Store. This feature was first introduced in build 12D38 that was released earlier this month.

Just like with the previous OS X 10.8.3 beta seed, build 12D44 comes with no known issues. In relation to this, Apple requests developers to focus on AirPlay, AirPort, Game Center, Graphics Drivers and Safari.

OS X 10.8.3 Beta Build 12D43

Last Tuesday, Apple rolled out the OS X 10.8.3 beta to developers, asking them to focus on AirPlay, Graphics Drivers, and other areas. It also further details the new Software Update feature for pre-release builds. According to people familiar with build 12D43, the software has no known issues, and its focus areas remain unchanged from the last beta that was seeded earlier this month.

In relation to this, the Cupertino-based company also explained the new beta installation feature that lets developers to download and install new seed through Mac App Store. The feature will alert users via OS X notification when new seeds are available. Email notices will also continue to be sent out.

However, they can only take advantage of the Mac App Store tool after downloading and installing the OS X Software Update Seed Configuration Utility. This configuration utility grants Software Update access to pre-release builds, although users can opt out of the mechanism if they want.

Prior to the release of build 12D43 and 12D44, its previous version—build 12D38—has known issues regarding graphics. This includes blank or black screen when waking a machine from a sleep state, switching between applications, or using VNC to remotely control a Mac.

As for the consumers, the latest and most up-to-date version of OS X is 10.8.2, which was released in September. It brings in unified Messages support with phone numbers for Mac and iOS, as well as system-wide Facebook integration to the operating system.

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