Far Cry 3 Eyes Christmas No. 1 Spot

Far Cry 3 Box Art | Wikipedia

Far Cry 3 Box Art | Wikipedia

It appears that Ubisoft is making a late move to claim the No. 1 spot this Christmas with their Far Cry 3. UK’s biggest video game retailers, GAME and Amazon, are offering the game with a substantial price drop. Now available for PS3 and Xbox 360, the acclaimed open-world shooter can be purchased for £22.49.

Buyers looking for last minutes gifts would find a discounted Far Cry 3 an ideal present. However, gamers and industry watchers will have to wait until the holiday season ends to see whether the game make it to the top.

Prior to this, Ubisoft Australia hosted a free laser tag game last November 28 to celebrate Far Cry 3’s release in the country. The event took place in M9 Laser Skirmish in Sydney.

Far Cry 3: Plot and Gameplay

Set in a tropical island, players will take the role of Far Cry 3’s main protagonist, Jason Brody. In search of his estranged girlfriend, Jason will be stranded in an island chain, wherein he will have to deal with a wide cast of unstable characters.

The character possesses a strong combatant and survival skillset, which gives him a fighting chance in desperate situations. However, it was reported that Jason in Far Cry will be a character who is out of his elements.

He will have no particular training, and he will be someone who’s caught up in the island’s chaos while searching for his friends. In addition, game producer Dan Hay revealed that Far Cry 3 will show the other side of Jason, as the insanity will start to have an effect on him.

Although it is a first-person shooter, the game will also feature role-playing game elements such as purchase points, skill tree, and crafting system. It will also give players the ability to shoot enemies behind objects depending on their XP, as well as perform “takedowns” by doing melee attacks.

Its story mode map will also be ten times larger than those in previous games, suggesting that Far Cry 3 is still an open world sandbox game. This mode would enable players to survey and plan out their attacks using stealth take-down combinations. Moreover, they can also take pictures with the character’s camera.

Far Cry 3 will be available in Australia on November 29, Thursday, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. The game, as well as the free laser tag event, is a proof that Ubisoft is committed to bringing great titles and good user and fan experience.

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