Protecting Your Kids from Inappropriate Online Content

Girl on Computer by Anita Patterson | MorgueFile

Girl on Computer by Anita Patterson | MorgueFile

If you let your kids use your computer, it is important that you look for ways to block inappropriate content and protect them from online predators. Although your children are not searching for unsuitable content, they might stumble across it in searches, links or advertisements, or by mistyping a website address.

Enable Windows’ Parental Controls

The Parental Controls can be accessed in Windows Vista or later versions through Control Panel. It helps you determine when your kids can use the computer, which games and applications they can run, and the types of website that they can visit. It also provides activity reporting, which lets you keep an eye on your kids’ computer usage.

Activate OpenDNS

OpenDNS is an online service that offers content filtering. Aside from that, it can also block adult-oriented sites and other online content that may not be suitable for children.

Even if you use the built-in Windows Parental Control, using OpenDNS is worth a try because it can provide a second layer of protection for your PC. It can also protect all the computers and devices on your network when the service is configured on your router.

Turn On Search Engine Filtering

Since children might stumble upon inappropriate content in searches, you might want to enable search filter for popular websites. Google and Yahoo let you enable this feature on the preference screen, while YouTube has a Safety Mode link at the bottom of its page.

You can also use SocialShield, which helps you monitor your children’s Facebook, Twitter and Google+. It also analyzes their public and private posts, photos, friends and many more. That way, you will be notified on what might compromise your kids’ online safety.


Your PC may be protected from malwares, hackers and other intrusion, but when kids use your PC you need to take added precaution. That way, you are sure that your children has a slim chance of stumbling upon inappropriate content on the Web.

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