The Must-have Business Apps for Your iPad Mini

Apple's iPad Mini | AppleInsider

Apple’s iPad Mini | AppleInsider

At 7 inches, iPad Mini’s rate as a business tablet may seem questionable. However, Rick Broida of PC World said that “any tablet is only as good as the apps it can run.” That’s why he rounded up five essential business apps that you can install on your iPad Mini. And since the 7-inch tablet can run the same apps as its bigger brethren, these are also important for all Apple tablets.


The Evernote lets you capture information, such as text, photos or voice notes, in any form you want. It will then sync back the content to your Web or desktop accounts, together with location specific geotags. You can also access existing Evernote data as well.

LogMeIn Free

LogMeIn Free is a free service that promotes remote access to other PCs. It is a companion app that extends that accessibility to your iPad. What’s cool about this is that the app is more than just screen sharing. It gives you total control over the remote system, letting you grab a PowerPoint presentation while you’re away, shut down your PC at home, or run a program that has no app equivalent.

Fuze Meeting

With Fuze Meeting, you can host or join Web conferences, share and view documents and media, chat with your colleagues, and many more. You can also use your finger as a “laser pointer”. Although the app is free for sessions with up to two users, you will need a pro-level subscription to make the most out of the application.


A cloud-storage tool, SugarSync offers 5 GB of free storage and full access to your files, photos and music—complete with streaming. It also lets you share your stuff via email, as well as sync any file of folder and not just the ones you drag into a bucket.

Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro lets you save a whiteboard diagram, keep you receipts, or photocopy a document when there’s no photocopying machine around. You can also save and documents in PDF and JPEG formats, upload “scans” to Google Note or Evernote, as well as use iCloud to sync everything across your iOS devices. All of these are available for $6.99.


Aside from the aforementioned apps, what other iPad Mini applications do you think are essential for your business?

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