Online Shopping Surges During the Holidays

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According to eCommerce Website, online shopping sales are expected to skyrocket during the holidays. Adrian Mullan, the website development company’s managing director, said that for the past few years, the number of customers buying products online has been steadily increasing.

Increasing Online Sales and its Big Trends

Based on a recent research conducted by PayPal, online sales in small businesses have increased to 64 percent. Moreover, this year has seen more than one billion online buyers around the world, spending over $1.2 trillion dollars.

In relation to this, Mullan pointed out two big trends that have emerged as a result of e-commerce. The first one is the growth of people purchasing through their mobile device, or browsing an item on their handset and completing the transaction on a desktop.

We’re getting huge mobile penetration in Asia-Pacific, and Australia is one of the highest in the world. We’re also seeing a lot of changes on shopping comparison apps—where people walk in retail stores with their mobile devices, scan a product for information and buy it online from the cheapest retailer.

The second trend is that people are becoming more comfortable with retailers operating in multichannel space.

Initially, they used to be in either brick and mortar environment or a pure-play online environment but now, we are seeing the blurring of the lines and people doing a combination of things.

E-commerce, Now a Necessity for Businesses

Aside from that, Mullan added that e-commerce is now becoming a necessity for businesses. That’s why stores that don’t have an online presence yet should take the leap, especially if they want to take advantage of this growing trend.

Instead of looking at ways to combat it, businesses should try to come up with some creative ways to embrace it so that they aren’t left in a scenario where their customer base is continuously shrinking.

On the other hand, businesses that have an online presence should tweak their software and server configuration to scale uptime during that period. That is in order to avoid online disasters. However, they have to make sure that there is ample time for testing and doing the necessary changes on their e-commerce website should they need to.

They need to create an environment that dynamically scales as the amount of users increase. Instead of setting a hard limit, designing a solution where as the number increases, the system automatically spins up new services to compensate for them is necessary.

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