Samsung Wants Ericsson Products Banned in the US

LM Ericsson's Former Headquarters in Telefonplan, Stockholm | Wikipedia

LM Ericsson’s Former Headquarters in Telefonplan, Stockholm | Wikipedia

After Ericsson filed its lawsuit against Samsung Electronics, the latter is seeking to ban imports and sales of certain Ericsson products in the US. Moreover, the South Korean tech giant alleges that the Swedish network equipment company infringed their patents.

The smartphone maker filed its complaint with the US International Trade Commission last Friday, arguing that Ericsson has violated seven of their patents. These include telecommunication network equipment like base stations.

In relation to this, the key technologies at issue here have something to do with wireless communications and data transfer such as radio frequency and Long Term Evolution networks. As Samsung said in a statement last Wednesday:

We have sought to negotiate with Ericsson in good faith. However, Ericsson has proven unwilling to continue such negotiations by making unreasonable claims.

Meanwhile, the ITC has not yet published the complaint from Samsung. Ericsson, on the other hand, hasn’t issued a statement with regards to the issue.

Ericsson Sues Samsung for Patent Infringement

Prior to this, Ericsson brought a number of patent infringement lawsuits against Samsung in the US earlier this month. It was followed by a complaint with the Commission, requesting sales ban of Samsung devices that include Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note.

Apparently, the South Korean tech giant failed to reach an agreement to license Ericsson’s patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms after two years of negotiation. Ericsson claims that the deal is essential to a number of industry standards.

Samsung was asked to pay the same rate as its competitors, but they refused. Instead, Ericsson said in a court filing, that the company wants to renew its license for a small fraction of rate other similarly situated companies pay. However, the Swedish company pointed out that refusing to pay for licensing gives Samsung an unfair competitive advantage over competitors that did license the patents.

As it turns out, Samsung had previously licensed patents Ericsson declared essential to certain industry standards in 2001. The license was renewed in 2007 but has now expired.

Patent Disputes and Mobile Network Expansion for Samsung

Aside from its patent litigation against Ericsson, Samsung is also involved in patent disputes against Apple in over ten countries.

Despite that, Samsung is pushing for a mobile network business in Europe. Last August, it was reported that the South Korean tech giant made a deal with Three, a UK operator, to build an LTE radio access network and infrastructure solution.

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