UK Retailer Sells PS3 Slim with Big Discount

Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim | US PlayStation Blog

Sony PlayStation 3 Super Slim | US PlayStation Blog

UK retailer HMV has cut down the price of the 12GB PlayStation 3 Slim to just £119.99, including free delivery. This comes at the heels of GAME’s similar offer, which tags the console at £125.

It was reported that the 12GB PS3 went out of stock quickly when the offer was made available. However, the retailer promised a pre-order price, letting potential buyers order the console now and get it for the same price once HMV has more stocks available. As posted on the retailer’s online store:

Completely redesigning the internal design architecture, the internal volume and weight of the new PS3 is reduced by more than half compared to the very first PS3 model with a 60GB HDD, and by 20% and 25% respectively compared to the current PS3. By adopting a sliding disk cover, the new PS3 continues with the characteristic sleek curved simple body design, which fits various places in the home and enables users to enjoy an array of entertainment content.

The offer represents an affordable option for those who wish to upgrade their current PS3, or those who haven’t thought of buying a PS3 Slim. However, no games were included in the console, and a 12GB-storage is not enough for a PS3 gamer. This means that owners will need to buy a HDD soon.

That’s because many games require installation to play. But for users that could live with that, this is a pretty enticing offer.

Encouraging Buyers with a Redesigned Console

With their life cycle coming to an end, All of Sony consoles have received a redesign. The original PSX became the first-generation PlayStation console, while the bulky PS2 was replaced with PS2 Slim.

It appears that the company went all out with the redesign, offering five different PSP versions and three PS3 revisions. Although some were made to actually improve the console’s features, such as the analog stick on PSP and breaking down the issues on the initial PS versions, the latest design were also meant to encourage players to buy the console.

Additionally, some gamers though that there was a mistake when rumors about the second PS3 Slim with 12GB of storage first came out. It turned out to be true, and it was introduced to players at an affordable price.

This is ideal for those who may not need too much space, which is usually required for download content. Unfortunately, a measly 12G of storage is not enough, as many games need to be installed in order to become playable.

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