Alternative Windows 8 Apps You Should Know

Microsoft Windows 8 | Wikipedia

Microsoft Windows 8 | Wikipedia

The Windows Store may have grown significantly since the launch of Windows 8, but that doesn’t mean that majority of its 20,000 apps are the quality apps you’re looking for. You could hit a dead end when looking for must-have apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pandora.

Good thing, tech-centric website PC World listed third-party apps that are good alternatives for your missing-in-action applications. See a partial list of the rundown below:

MINE for Facebook

With Facebook having no plans for releasing an official app for Windows 8, users might be relying on the native People and Messaging apps. However, they are not an ideal replacement for a full-blown Facebook app.

This is where MINE for Facebook enters the scene, as it offers customizable view of your Facebook Feed, notifications, and your friends’ profile pages. It also allows you to update your status, leave comments, share links and pictures, and many more.

The People App

There are a lot of Twitter clients in Windows 8, but there’s a slim chance that you can use any of them because of the micro-blogging site’s user restrictions to third-party clients. Unless you are already using Metrotwit or Tweetro, your next resort is The People App. It may not be the best Twitter client, but it allows you to send and view tweets.


YouTube works just fine in Internet Explorer 10. But if you’re more of the dedicated app type of person, then you should install PrimeTube. It presents the video-sharing site in an interface that feels right at home on Windows 8. It allows you to browse YouTube videos, log into your account, view your subscriptions, manage your playlist, leave a comment, and many more.


Other than, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Instagram is also missing in action in Windows 8. Fortunately, there is a non-official app for that called Milligram. It lets you access the latest content on the photo-sharing site, as well as the latest popular and trending photo. You can also add a personal touch to it by linking the app to an Instagram account.


Xbox Music may be nice, but a lot of people have invested millions of hours in Pandora. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t have a Windows 8 app. Good thing there is PRadio! Although its interface doesn’t resemble that of Pandora, it does provide immediate access to your radio stations, as well as the service’s massive library of free streaming music.

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