Looking Back: The Noteworthy Games of 2012

Mass Effect 3 Box Art | Wikipedia

Mass Effect 3 Box Art | Wikipedia

Although 2012 appeared to be an unusual year for video games, a lot of them were able to shine through last year. As the current console cycles are soon coming to their end, publishers tend to invest in new ideas and tried-and-true sequels. However, it’s not bad at all, as it paved the way for some smaller developments.

Borderlands 2

The original Borderlands was an addictive shooter with a loot system that is similar to Diablo. Meanwhile, its comic-art style was the perfect complement for its tongue-in-cheek attitude. However, its plot and mission variety were so shallow. Thus, with Borderlands 2, throws in new tricks to keep the shoot-and-loot action, while anchoring to a plot that is worth following until the end.

Guild Wars 2

It may look like any other MMORPG, but Guild Wars 2 has clever ways of getting you hooked. You won’t notice that you’re whittling away time, as new challenges seem to leap out as you explore the world. Instead of presenting a to-do list, the game provides a freewheeling quest system. It also features scenic views, as you discover various points of interest and gather supplies along the way.

Halo 4

As a game developer that has something to prove, 343 Industries was able to pull it off with Halo 4. The game maybe a rehash that honors what Bungie has created, they were able to add modern-day tweaks such as unlockable weapon loadouts and ordinance drops. They even included a multiplayer mode that still feels like Halo. As a result, Halo 4 is a refreshed game that is still fun to play as it ever was.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Various video games these days will give you a war story, but with XCOM: Enemy Unknown you’ll end up creating your own. It is a remake of the 1994 classic, XCOM, which brings you in charge of a top-secret paramilitary organization. With planet Earth in the midst of an alien invasion, your job is to guide the marines through a combat mission, while dealing with administrative duties.

Mass Effect 3

Unless you count the game’s thin ending, which seems to turn the gaming fans into rage, Mass Effect 3 was the perfect conclusion to Bioware’s epic space trilogy. It is a fine mix of action and dialogue-driven drama. However, the real payoff comes for longtime players, as they are haunted or helped by their decisions from the previous games.

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