More “Smart” Products Heading to CES 2013

International CES Logo | Wikipedia

International CES Logo | Wikipedia

“Smart” products are always present at the Consumer Electronics Show. But this year, it will take on a different meaning, as apps and services move to the event’s forefront.

Instead of just connecting to the Internet, people will see devices that can analyze data users feed them, as well as offer recommendations on how to save time and live smarter. As pointed out by Consumer Electronics Association Research Director Shawn DuBravac, the vessel for these personalized recommendations is the applications running on a user’s device. Thus, CES 2013 is the year of the apps.

Taking Advantage of Digital Products

Although hardware usually garners majority of the CES press, DuBravac expects that more companies will show off services that will take advantage of the devices users already have.

As people feed these devices with personal information such as eating habits, sleeping patterns, works schedules, social activities and more, companies are finding ways to use that information to market more services. DuBravac points out:

We’re starting to enter a second digital decade. It’s not about acquisition of digital products, it’s about taking advantage of those products… Data is the new currency.

Microsoft at CES 2013

In another news, Microsoft will still have a large presence at the CES 2013 despite withdrawing its usual opening keynote slot. Their new Windows 8 operating system is encouraging hardware innovation, as a wide array of manufacturers will have Windows 8-based tablets, laptops, and desktops on display.

On the other hand, Qualcomm CEO PJ Jacobowitz will pave the way for the biggest tech event of the year. Discussing “Are You Born Mobile?,” his keynote will also come with “big announcement, a famous band, a host of famous guests—and an amazing amount of technology.”

Smaller Tech Innovations in 2013

While few industry watchers and tech experts are expecting that CES 2013 will feature the next-generation of game-changing smartphones or TV technology, there are also those who may want to see smaller innovations coming this year. This includes 30-40 new laptop designs, screens with higher pixel density, devices with better voice and gesture recognition, and increased adoption of flexible screens.

At the CES 2013, people should expect devices and services that will digitize the physical world, analyze it, and give users recommendations that will prompt them into action. The event, which will take place from January 8 to January 11, will light up the floor of the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center.

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