Team Ninja Boss Defends Wii U is a Next-Generation Console

Nintendo Wii U Black and White | Nintendo Official Website

Nintendo Wii U Black and White | Nintendo Official Website

Head of Team Ninja and director of Ninja Gaiden 3, Yosuke Hayashi, defends the Wii U CPU, saying that Nintendo’s latest gaming console is “definitely is next generation.” His comment has something to do with 4A’s claim last year that the console was hamstrung by a “horrible, slow” CPU.

Nintendo Wii U: A Start of a New Gaming Era

In an interview with gaming website Edge Online, Hayashi suggests that the Metro: Last Light developer’s CTO Oleg Shishkovstov is just using Wii U’s perceived lack of horsepower as a scapegoat. That’s because too much attention has been paid to the components found inside of the console, when the real issue here is what these components can really do.

The Wii U is an infant that’s just been born. It’s a little unfair to compare it to mature platforms that people have been working on for over five years. I’m sure people will find ways to bring out even more power as the platform matures.

To be completely blunt and honest, there’s no way that the Wii U processor is “horrible and slow” compared to other platforms. I think that comments was just 4A trying to find a scapegoat for a simple business decision on their part.

However, Hayashi doesn’t deny the fact that Wii U spec sheet isn’t much of an improvement from the current-generation game consoles. Still, he argues that Nintendo’s new gaming system does more than enough for it to be categorized as a start of a new gaming era.

If you’re basing this simply on processor speed, the it’s not next generation. If you’re basing this on Wii U being a new idea that challenges existing platforms, then it definitely is next generation. It is a console videogame platform that is now independent for the TV. Nobody has done that before.

It’s no mistake to say that we have entered a period where it’s difficult to provide an obvious difference to many players based on processor speed alone. Players want new innovation that includes the environment in which you play and services you use, rather than just raw processor spec.

Nintendo is at the forefront of that innovation. I’m looking forward to seeing what the other platforms come up with in the future.

What Lies Ahead for Team Ninja?

Although Hayashi is full of praise for the GamePad controller, Team Ninja’s development of Razor’s Edge has also allowed him put some demons down to rest. Because of the lukewarm reception of Ninja Gaiden 3, the company has sought to fix the cause of its audience’s disappointment.

That’s said, Hayashi revealed that part of the game’s design have been changed “drastically.” His full interview with Edge Online will be published later this week.

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