Every Rumor You Need to Know About Next-Gen Xbox and PlayStation

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 | Amazon

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 | Amazon

Although it is a bit early to talk about it, but this could be the great time to start saving money for a next-gen gaming console. The year 2013 would be a year that will make gamers giddy, as it is rumored that Microsoft and Sony are set to release their next-generation consoles.

Inside Microsoft’s “Xbox 720”

No official words about it yet, but it’s said that Microsoft might make an announcement about the so-called Xbox 720 in March. It will be followed by a game demo in June and a launch in November. In addition, the upcoming system will be called “Xbox” only instead of Xbox 720.

Under its shell, it was rumored that the console will boast four core processors, giving in-game graphics a movie-like quality. Computer artificial intelligence will be awesome, and the sound will be akin to digital surround sound.

What’s cool about the next-gen Xbox is some of the proposed virtual reality stuff. Kinect 2 will be built into the console’s main system, and it promises four-player recognition. It will also be so sensitive that it can detect even the smaller finger movements.

There are also talks about the Omnitouch feature, which enables 3D holographic images to appear in the user’s living room. These images can be seen using a pair of specially made glasses.

PlayStation 4: Under the Hood

Information about Sony’s rumored PlayStation 4, on the other hand, is scarce. However, there were claims that the company will release their next-generation console around October or November.

Previously dubbed as Project Orbis, PS4 will feature a combination of CPU and GPU on one chipset. It will be a 4 GHz quad core and 384 GPU core. The console may also feature at least 250 GB hard drive, as most games will be downloadable. Despite the cool specs, it will be more affordable than its predecessor, as Sony will be using off-the-shelf technology to develop it.

One of its most exciting features will be the Ultra HD compatibility. It will make content so sharp, making the standard HD a thing of the past. As to its release date, the company is expected to roll out the console before the next-generation Xbox. That’s because they were burnt last time by coming in late in the market.

All features and the release dates of the next-generation gaming consoles are rumors. Nevertheless, both companies are expected to release incredible machines for gamers.

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