Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Comments on PlayStation 4 Rumors

Sony PlayStation 3 | Sony PlayStation Official Website

Sony PlayStation 3 | Sony PlayStation Official Website

During the International Consumer Electronics Show, Sony demonstrated what they have in store for TV and mobile phones. As expected, video games took a back seat during their press conference at the Las Vegas event.

Nevertheless, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Kaz Hirai was not able to avoid inquiries regarding the rumored PlayStation 4. During a Q&A segment after he stepped off the stage at the CES 2013, he issued a response regarding their so-called next-generation console.

We’re very happy with the way that PlayStation 3 has grown over the years. Obviously a lot of interaction with the PlayStation Vita as well. All of the gaming fans out there, you probably know that we don’t talk about future generation technologies until we’re ready to launch it in a big way.

If the rumors and predictions of industry pundits hold true, the year 2013 will be a year when new home consoles will be revealed. Although Sony keeps anything related to PS4 under wraps, many are expecting that they will unveil it during the E3 event.

PlayStation 4: Under the Hood

Rumors about Sony’s next-generation console’s features and specs have surfaced last year. Although information about the gaming system is scarce, there were claims that Sony will release PS4 around October or November.

Previously dubbed as Project Orbis, PS4 will feature a combination of CPU and GPU on one chipset. It will be a 4 GHz quad core and 384 GPU core. The console may also feature at least 250 GB hard drive, as most games will be downloadable. Despite the cool specs, it will be more affordable than its predecessors, as Sony will be using off-the-shelf technology to develop it.

One of its most exciting features will be the Ultra HD compatibility. It will make content so sharp, making the standard HD a thing of the past. As to its release date, the company is expected to roll out the console before the next-generation Xbox. That’s because they were burnt last time by coming in late in the market.

In relation to this, gaming website MCV Nordic posted that the much-awaited console is rumored to be announced next month. This seems possible because there will be a Destination PlayStation event this February, which is meant for retailers and distributors, as well as select partner and developers.

But as Hirai puts it, they won’t be talking about future-generation consoles unless they’re ready to announce it in a big way.

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