Nintendo Announces New Pokemon Games for 3DS

Nintendo Pokemon X and Y Screenshot | Nintendo Official Website

Nintendo Pokemon X and Y Screenshot | Nintendo Official Website

Nintendo, Game Freak, and the Pokemon Company have finally announced their brand new video games. The announcement was made by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata during a short, live-streamed video segment on the company’s official website.

According to the company, their upcoming titles will be called Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. As expected, they’re working on the games’ 3DS version—the handheld’s initial and true mainline Pokemon release.

More About Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will also boast a new look for the series, moving away from the traditional interface that has been part of the game since 1996. Both titles will feature 3D-like visuals, new Pokemon and many more.

However, it remains to be seen whether the Pokemon: Male Chromosome will feature a new region or an update of an older version.  But aside from new visual styles, gaming website Joystiq also reported that the game will have three new Pokemon starters. Players can choose among Chespin, a grass-type pokemon; Froakie, a water-type pokemon that looks like a blue frog; and lastly, the adorable Fennekin.

The release of Pokemon X and Y will also mark the first time that a Pokemon title will be available in all countries, as Pokemon X/Y will be launched worldwide this October.

Prior to this, Nintendo announced the Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2. The game was released last October 2011 in North America, Europe, and Australia. It features the new Legendary Pokemon identified as Black Kyurem and White Kyurem.

Nintendo 3DS Ships More Than 10 Million Units in Japan

In another news, it was reported that Nintendo was able to sell over 10 million units of their latest handheld gaming device in Japan. Given that only more than 8 million units were sold last December 2011, the latest sales report shows a significant increase in just a month.

As to why this has happened now is unknown, but there were speculations that it is because of key franchises having some big new installments. In relation to this, more big titles are set to be released for the Nintendo 3DS this year. This included Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, as well as Monster Hunter 4.

Las month, sales of Nintendo’s latest console surpassed PlayStation 3’s lifetime sales in Japan, despite being released more than four years after Sony’s console. It only goes to show that despite qualms of how well the Nintendo 3DS will perform, all is well—at least in Japan.

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