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Katherine Webb

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The only redeeming outcome of the snoozefest that was the BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and Notre Dame was the national exposure of Katherine Webb.

Katherine Webb isn’t just the girlfriend of Bama’s quarterback A.J. McCarron, she’s also Miss Alabama, who was instantly thrown into the spotlight after announcer Brent Musburger stated:

Wow, I’m tellin’ ya, you quarterbacks—you get all the good-lookin’ women. Wow! What a beautiful woman. Whoa! So, if you’re a youngster at Alabama, start gettin’ the football out and throw it around in the backyard with Pop.”

Of course, people took those statements as offensive, but even Webb has said that she was flattered and even her family have said to cut Musburger some slack. It’s not like he was trying to take her out on a date consisting of wings and a strip joint like Darnell Dockett did.

Regardless, Webb has now become all the buzz, generating lots of media attention. Her followers on Twitter, for example, went from about 2,300 before kickoff to over 222,000. So, here’s what we know about Miss Alabama.

America’s New Favorite Southern Belle: Katherine Webb

Born in Montgomery, Alabama on December 30, 1988, Katherine Webb would attend middle school and high school in Columbus, Georgia. She graduated from Northside High School in 2007. In May of 2011, she graduated from Auburn with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Administration. While at Auburn she participated in events held by the Women’s Philanthropy Board and in various community service projects around the area.

Katherine Webb: The Pageant World’s Newest Star

Believe it or not, she worked at Chick-fil-A in Columbus, Georgia as a training director. But, she also models professionally for clients in New York, Miami, and Atlanta. In November 2007, she competed for the title of Miss Georgia USA, ranking in the Top 15. She did, however, win Miss Photogenic Georgia USA and decided not to compete in another pageant until she received her degree. In January 2012, Katherine was crowned Miss Alabama USA 2012. She finished sixth in the Miss USA pageant.

Katherine Webb Isn’t a Girly Girl

Despite competing in pageants and modeling, Webb enjoys being in the outdoors. Some of her favorite activities include paintball, fishing, and skeet shooting. She has also continued her philanthropic services by going to India to work with a missionary group that opened a dental clinic. Katherine is also working to overcome vitiligo, the same skin condition that Michael Jackson had, which she experienced as a child.

And, if you’re hoping that she’ll pose nude in Playboy, you can keep on dreaming. She told Carson Daly:

I’ve been doing modeling for a little bit, and you know, coming from the South, from Alabama, you don’t really want to do anything that your grandma might be embarrassed [by]”.

Oh, well. At least there’s plenty of other pictures out there.


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