Samsung and Microsoft Hype “Youm” Flexible OLED Display

Samsung Group HQ in Samsung Town, Seoul | Wikipedia

Samsung Group HQ in Samsung Town, Seoul | Wikipedia

During Samsung’s second keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 last Wednesday, the company announced their bendable screen technology called “Youm”. Other than that, former US President Bill Clinton made an appearance at Samsung’s day-two keynote.

Microsoft and Samsung at CES 2013

Together with Samsung, Microsoft unveiled the flexible Youm display at the CES 2013 event in Las Vegas. The Washington-based company showed off a prototype Windows Phone that features the new display technology.

In Addition, Microsoft’s Chief Technical Strategy Officer Eric Rudder showed off a lab test video, wherein a display was projected onto an entire room. This allows gamers to become fully immersed in an Xbox game.

Samsung also showed a smartphone with a display that curves around the edge of the device. Moreover, a concept video presents a mobile phone that can be unfolded and transformed into a tablet.

Samsung Announced Exynos 5 Octa Chip

Other than the Youm Flexible OLED Display, Samsung also announced their new eight-core Exynos 5 “Octa” chip. The processor is based on Cortex A15 architecture, and its 28-nanometer-process chip offers twice the 3D gaming performance of any other mobile processor currently available.

In addition, the Exynos 5 Octa is an eight-core SoC designed for tablets and high-end smartphones. However, not all of these CPU cores are created equal. Four of them are high-performance Cortex A15 cores, while the other four are Cortex A7 CPU cores.

The Cortex A15 cores are similar to Exynos 5 Dual that powers Nexus 10 and Samsung’s ARM Chromebook. On the other hand, the Cortex A7 CPU cores have the same feature set as the Cortex A15, but are optimized for power efficiency rather than performance. Furthermore, the A15 and A7 cores can work with one another, making it theoretically possible to create a device that can set new speed records without consuming much of the device’s battery.

Bill Clinton for Samsung Hope for Children Foundation

At the conclusion of Samsung’s press conference last Wednesday, former US President Bill Clinton took the stage to promote the Samsung Hope for Children foundation. He is the current ambassador of the company’s foundation.

During his speech, Clinton joked that when he became president in early 90’s, cell phones weighed 20 pounds and there were about 50 websites on the Internet. He said that technology plays an integral role in improving life, whether it is through cutting costs in medical record systems or connecting people and ideas worldwide.

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