Skech Revealed Ultraslim Wireless Charging Case for iPhone 5

Skech's Powermat Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 | AppleInsider

Skech’s Powermat Wireless Charger for iPhone 5 | AppleInsider

An Israeli case company, Skech, unveiled a prototype iPhone 5 that works with Powermat technology. This is designed to charge the Apple handset wirelessly.

The Skech Powermat Prototype for iPhone 5

Skech was able to shrink down the bulk of the Powermat case with its new design. It was made possible by removing the “chin” below the phone and replacing it with a small plug for the Lightning connector. The plug also has a connected wrist strap for additional protection.

Aside from that, the case is reminiscent of Apple’s bumper, which has interchangeable fabric back plates that were designed to enable Powermat technology. This sample is not yet perfect, as it is just a prototype.

Moving Ahead with Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has not really gained traction until recently despite early attempts to build in the technology. Perhaps, the obstacle for the technology’s market-wide adoption is its proprietary technology.

It is introduced by one company, which resulted for charging pads and cases to be built by the same manufacturer. But as more OEMs license Powermat Technology, or other standardized tech from the Qi Wireless Power Consortium members, this could become less of a problem.

Still, consumers don’t want an unsightly case from charging mat manufacturers. However, Skech’s design has a potential to speak to a wider audience—thanks to its sleek modular format. It is expected that their iPhone 5 case will be shipped this spring. However, it is still unknown if the product will be distributed in the US.

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