Black Troll Studio’s “Penance” Gets Cancelled

Troll Face | Know Your Meme

Troll Face | Know Your Meme

After it was revealed that Black Troll Studios and EA are working on an exclusive PS3 games, and said that it had gone multi-platform, it was reported that Penance was cancelled. As posted on EA game developer Rick Stalder’s website:

As quietly as it came, Black Troll disappeared. It’s [sic] single title, “Penance” has been cancelled after more than a year in development.

EA and Black Troll Studio’s Partnership

Prior to this, Stalder let it slip on his LinkedIn profile that EA is working on a PS3-only first-person shooter. It was also stated on his profile that he’s been working with Black Troll Studio since September 2010 as a contractor on an “Unannounced FPS title in development.”

On the other hand, the game developer’s website was registered by the publisher, although a partnership was not officially announced. This indicates that Black Troll Studios is more likely owned by EA.

Its appearance excited a lot of gaming fans that a new game would be revealed last August 2011 during the GamesCon event. However, EA was also pushing their Battlefield 3 game that time, making it unlikely that a new title would be announced before that.

From PS3 to Multi-platform

After the buzz about EA and Black Troll Studios’ partnership for a first-person shooter game exclusive for PS3, it was reported in August last year that the unknown title had become multi-platform.

Gaming website PlayStation Lifestyle, on the other hand, believes that listing the game as multi-platform is just a ploy to confuse the expecting players. As posted on their report:

There’s always the chance that the game is shown as multiplatform to just confuse us and keep the exclusive a secret, but that seems rather improbable.

Together with it, Stalder updated his LinkedIn profile. What’s interesting about this is that the game developer had stopped working on the said project since July 2012. This caused people to speculate that the game is not yet cancelled. However, Stalder’s recent update simply listed Penance as “Cancelled.”

It’s a real shame that gamers were not able to see what Penance is all about, as well as how it looks like. However, there is a possibility that the cancelled title could still revive. In addition, it is possible that the game will indeed be released as a multi-platform game. However, it could only be wishful thinking as of the moment.

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