Apple Thunderbolt Display’s Dwindling Inventory Hints Imminent Redesign

Apple Thunderbolt Display | Apple Official Website

Apple Thunderbolt Display | Apple Official Website

It was reported that a number of resellers have run dry of stocks of Apple’s 27-inch Thunderbolt Display. Due to this, many speculate that the monitor is set for an upgrade, and it may boast a thinner design that is reminiscent of the iMac.

Dwindling Stocks for Apple’s Thunderbolt Display

Major resellers such as Amazon, MacMall, and J&R reported last Monday that their Apple Thunderbolt Display was out of stock. Stock-outs are often one of the first signs of an upcoming hardware upgrade.

The 27-inch monitor, at the very least, is in need of an upgrade in its MagSafe cable. As of the moment, the company ships a MagSafe-to-MagSafe 2 Converter with each Thunderbolt Display. This is to enable compatibility with the latest MacBooks.

However, the monitor and its predecessor—Cinema Display—have borrowed the iMac’s LCD technology. Apple’s all-in-one desktop was recently redesigned with a reengineered and thinner display, which reduces glare by 75 percent.

If that trend is going to continue, the redesigned Thunderbolt Display will feature a thinner LCD panel, as well as a thinner overall design. Apple made its new iMac thinner by fusing the LCD to the front glass, and they are expected to do the same with their next-generation Thunderbolt Display.

Potential Production Issues

Although a thinner Thunderbolt Display is probable, the new big-screen monitor’s arrival may not be imminent due to potential production issues.

It should be recalled that Apple’s 27-inch iMac is still in short supply because of apparent production issues that have something to do with the display. Until the matters are resolved, the Cupertino-based company may not have enough panels to provide for a 27-inch Thunderbolt Display either.

Last week’s report claimed that Apple and LG have only been able to produce 100,000 panels for iMac every month. Meanwhile, the iMac maker’s online store continues to advertise that new orders of 27-inch iMac will ship within three to four weeks.

Possible Thunderbolt Display Upgrade

Aside from the LCD, the next-generation Thunderbolt Display could also sport upgraded ports. The current model boasts three USB 2.0 ports, but Apple started offering faster USB 3.0 ports on its 2012 Mac lineup—including the redesigned iMac.

First released in July 2011, existing Thunderbolt Display also features FaceTime HD video camera, 2.1 speaker system, FireWire 800 port, Gigabit Ethernet port, and Thunderbolt port for daisy chaining up to five additional Thunderbolt devices.

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