Ni No Kuni: A Massive PlayStation 3 Title

Ni No Kuni for Nintendo DS Cover Art | Wikipedia

Ni No Kuni for Nintendo DS Cover Art | Wikipedia

Although it is still a week away from becoming available in United States, Level-5 and Studio Ghibli’s Ni No Kuni is already on the Japanese PlayStation Store since 2011 and ready to download. However, it comes with a hefty 19 GB.

Although it is not the largest game installation there is, PlayStation 3 users should keep in mind that the console requires at least double the game’s download size in order to install it. This means that those who want to have Ni No Kuni on their PS3 must make at least 38 GB of their console free and accessible.

Ni No Kuni: Plot and Gameplay

The story of Ni No Kuni revolves around Oliver, a thirteen-year-old boy whose mother dies after rescuing him from drowning. After that, a doll named Drippy is brought to life from his tears.

Drippy turns out to be a male fairy. He gives Oliver a magic book that allows him to use a magic power and enter the world of Ni No Kuni, an alternate universe. Drippy says that Oliver might be able to find his mother in the parallel universe.

Along the way, Oliver will befriend Esther, Swaine, as well as other alternative versions of the people and animals that he knows in the real world.

In Nintendo DS, the player will assume the role of Oliver, and they will take part in battles using the magic book. It contains a bestiary, short stories that provide game hints, and other information to which the game will refer. Additionally, the magic book contains magic spells that can be activated using the drawings with the stylus.

During the battles, the player will be able to arrange his characters anywhere on the bottom screen and implement various tactics.

Development and Availability

First announced in the Japanese publication Famitsu in September 2008 as Ni No Kuni: The Another World, Level-5 announced two years after that the game will have two separate titles for Nintendo DS and PS3. The DS version will be Ni No Kuni: Shikkoku no Madoshi, and the PS3 version is titled Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

It was also revealed that both versions were developed separately from scratch. Thus, it will feature different data, artwork, graphics, specifications, and story developments, while retaining similar “story axle.”

Moreover, Level-5 confirmed that the game’s Western PlayStation 3 version will be published by Namco Bandai Games, and will include both English and Japanese voice tracks. If you’re looking for a massive and magical adventure game for your PS3, it’s time to free up some space for Ni No Kuni.

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