Next-Generation Xbox and PlayStation Consoles to be Announced this March?

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 | Amazon

Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 | Amazon

Gamers may no longer need to wait until E3 in order to see the next-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles. That’s because it was reported on the February 2013 issue of Game Informer that Microsoft and Sony will reveal their next consoles in an Apple-like press conference in late March.

The report suggests that each company will have their respective launch events, which would happen around the time of Game Developers Conference that month. Furthermore, they will take advantage of the E3 event to announce game lineups, as well as hands-on time. As what the report says:

We hear that both Sony and Microsoft are targeting special Apple-style press conferences to unveil their platforms near the Game Developers Conference in late March.

E3 in June may be the industry’s biggest event, but both companies want to give their system their own limelight. That doesn’t mean E3 won’t be without its surprises. Next-gen games will be announced at the convention in preparation for the systems’ release at the end of the year.

Game Console Manufacturers: Holding Their Own Press Events

In addition, Sony might also release their next-generation PlayStation 4 prior to Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox launch. However, the report contradicts recent comments made by Sony Home Entertainment VP Hiroshi Sakatomi. During last week’s CES 2013 event, the exec suggested that an imminent announcement of the next PlayStation will need to wait until “May at least.”

Whether the rumors will hold true or not, it won’t be surprising if both companies would want to hold separate events to announce their future game consoles. Ever since Apple stopped delivering keynotes at Macworld Expo a couple of years ago, tech companies have warmed to the idea of having their own press events.

It is ideal than timing their big announcements around trade shows, so that they would get plenty of attention and dominate the news cycle. Moreover, the video game-console business has grown so large that manufacturers no longer need big trade shows to make a buzz.

Rumored Specs and Expected Release

Tech and gadget website PC World also reported that the next-generation PlayStation will support 4K resolution gaming, as well as the boosts in performance and memory. The upcoming Xbox model, on the other hand, will include an enhanced version of Kinect, Blu-ray player, and a pair of glasses for augmented reality gaming.

Regardless of when Sony and Microsoft will drop their announcements, the next Xbox and PlayStation consoles are expected to hit the stores later this year.

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