Bad Lip Reading Takes on the NFL, Hilarity Ensues


Image Source: YouTube

While the NFL is busy with conference championships and the hiring of head coaches, like the surprising turn of Chip Kelly going to Philly, fans are having a laugh at the league’s expense.

The popular YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has now outdone itself by with it’s latest clip, “The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading”.

Although the channel has been making parodies of songs and movies since 2011, it became a phenomenon after overdubbing the 2012 presidential debates. Honestly, we’re surprised that it’s taken this long for the anonymous producer behind BLR to tackle sports.

The clip features a number of players, coaches and even refs saying some pretty interesting things on game day. There’s Jim Harbaugh demanding that he wants cake, Tom Brady yelling about a lost dog, and a referee recounting his date with a lady who had a floor covered with bean bags. But, the best moments come from the exchange between AP and Pam Oliver.

Peterson: “You got an orange peanut?”
Oliver: “Yeah.”
Peterson: “An orange peanut?”
Oliver: “Mmm-hmm.”
Peterson: “For me?”
Oliver: “That’s right.”
Peterson: Wow! An orange peanut?! Well, I accept you.”

With the success of the video, it’s approaching 2 million viewers besides the lots of laughs from people sitting at their computers, we’re hoping that BLR will make this a more common occurrence. Besides providing new clips throughout the entire football season, it would be great to see some Bad Lip Reading from the worlds of baseball, basketball and hockey as well.

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