RIM, to Sell Hardware Division After BB10 Launch?

BlackBerry 10 | Official Website

BlackBerry 10 | Official Website

Research In Motion’s Chief Executive Thorsten Heins said on Monday that the company must make sure that its upcoming BlackBerry 10 models will be successful. That is before the smartphone maker considers strategic alliances, like licensing its software or selling its hardware production.

In an interview with the German publication Die Welt, Heins talks about RIM’s prospects for the future. As of the moment, it is unknown whether the company’s traditional business-first focus is still applicable or not.

Introducing a Future-Proof BlackBerry 10

When asked if RIM would consider licensing its new platform, Heins said that they need to show that the platform has a huge potential first. In relation to this, he claims that BlackBerry 10 is future-proof, and it is also scalable from smartphones and other devices like networked cars.

The exec also acknowledged the possibility of selling RIM’s hardware division. However, Heins pointed out their cash reserve, which gives the company a good deal of flexibility and time before it makes any decisions regarding such matters.

According to Heins, BlackBerry 10 will be rolled out with about 70,000 apps. It may be a far cry from hundreds of thousands of apps available for Android and iOS, but the exec opines that the raw number of available apps is less important compared to having a certain apps selection that corresponds to regional preferences.

In addition, he added that developers can easily convert their Android apps to make it compatible with BlackBerry 10. In fact, RIM recently held an event to encourage developers to port their Android apps to the latest BlackBerry platform.

Other than that, Heins played down the concern of market watchers about RIM losing millions of subscribers during the last quarter of 2012. He noted that the loss was “not so bad” since RIM subscribers only have to choose among the year-old hardware.

BlackBerry 10: RIM’s Last, Best Hope

Meanwhile, Heins expressed his confidence that the smartphone market, which is currently dominated by iOS and Android, will be dynamic enough for RIM to carve out a “substantial” role for itself. The industry may be growing fast, but it is still young.

Industry pundits deem the upcoming BlackBerry 10 as the company’s last and best hope to reverse its unfavorable situation. Used to be a leader in the smartphone market, RIM has found itself cutting costs and going into survival mode prior to the launch of its new handsets and platform.

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