Verizon’s iPhone Activation Accounts for 50 Million Units Shipped

Apple's iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

Apple’s iPhone 5 | Apple Official Website

Verizon announced last Tuesday that they were able to activate 6.2 million iPhone units during the last quarter of 2012. This number accounts for the 9.8 million smartphones that the carrier activated during the said period. With almost two-thirds of the new smartphone activations at Verizon, this is believed to be iPhone’s best performance yet in the telecommunications company.

Furthermore, Brian Marshall of ISI Group said that the US carrier’s iPhone activations support his estimate of 48 million iPhones in the December quarter. The same thing goes with Amit Daryanani of RBC Capital Market’s projection of over 46 million iPhones.

A Whopping iPhone Performance in Verizon

As noted by Topeka Capital Market’s Brian White last Tuesday, Verizon has accounted for the 11 percent of Apple’s total iPhone shipments over the past six quarters. If that holds true for the December quarter, it would mean that the Cupertino-based company shipped 56 million iPhones during the last quarter of 2012.

Even if Verizon only accounts for 12 percent of iPhones that were shipped during that quarter, White noted that it would still result to 51 million units shipped. In relation to this, the 6.2 million units that were activated by the US carrier during that time were double the number of iPhones activated during the previous quarter.

The telcos also announced that the iPhone 5 accounted for about half of the iPhones that were activated from October 2012 to December 2012. This suggests strong sales for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Total smartphone activations increased to 44 percent per quarter at Verizon, and iPhone accounts for 63 percent of all smartphone activations. In comparison, Apple’s flagship handset accounted for 56 percent of smartphone activations at Verizon after the iPhone 4S was released during the holiday season of 2011.

What Lies Ahead for Apple’s iPhone

In another news, AT&T announced earlier this month that they were able to sell 10 million smartphones during the holiday season last year. At least 8 million of those are expected to be iPhones.

Daryanani believes that Apple has sold over 16 million units in the US alone during the said period. He also speculates that 8.1 million of it came from AT&T and another 1.7 million are from Sprint.

He also expects that domestic catalysts for the iPhone will slow down as it moves forward, as T-Mobile is expected to become part of the carriers that offer Apple’s flagship handset in the US later this year. However, Daryanani also believes that the international market will continue to spur growth for the Cupertino-based company.

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