Reservations for Mailbox iOS Email Client Go Live Before Official Launch

Mailbox Email Client | Official Vimeo Video

Mailbox Email Client | Official Vimeo Video

Noting an expected high interest in its intuitive free email client, Mailbox opened up a unique reservation system last Tuesday. It was reported that the system will help them manage demand when the app becomes available at the Apple App Store in the coming weeks.

Meet the Mailbox iOS Email Client

Created by the same company that brought the well-received Orchestra To-do app, Mailbox attracted media attention last month after video that shows its unique email client features was released. Because of this, a reservation system is being instituted to deal with what is expected to be an overwhelming demand.

In a traditional email client, the inbox displays a list of unread messages. Mailbox, on the other hand, displays conversations that need immediate attention. This allows users to focus on their most important emails in a timely manner. Less important emails can be sent to a unique “Later” inbox, while emails that are completed can be archived.

This functionality uses a unique set of “snooze buttons,” which will move an email conversation from the main inbox to the Later inbox when activated. There are a number of snooze options to choose from such as Later Today, Tomorrow, Next Month, or Sometime. What’s cool about this is that the snooze option is fully customizable.

Simply put, when a user receives an email that is not urgent but requires attention the next day, he can set the snooze for Tomorrow, and the conversation will be placed in the Later inbox to bring it back the next day.

Mailbox has an intuitive user interface, with a clean negative space layout and bold iconography that is very interactive. This is reminiscent of the “Clear” app, which make users do a left and right swipe to set snooze timers or move messages to a different folder or customizable list.

According to Apple-centric website AppleInsider, who was able to try Mailbox’s working beta for the past weeks, the application could be a solid accompaniment to a user’s email workflow. It’s not just a simple email reader but also a “to-do” list for emails.

However, it only supports Gmail as of the moment. Thus, it can’t replace a full-fledged email client like iOS Mail yet. But the company assured that they will add support for other devices in the future.

Reserve Your Mailbox Now!

The Mailbox reservation system will be on a first-come, first-served basis. That’s why those who are interested to have the application should save their spot now.

Once it’s done, users will receive an SMS with a unique reservation number that denotes their place in line. A private code will also be issued in order to claim the app once it is ready.
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