Apple, Working on iOS Device with 128 GB Storage

iOS 6 on Apple Devices | Official Website

iOS 6 on Apple Devices | Official Website

It was revealed through an inspection of Apple’s latest iOS 6.1 beta build that the company may be working on a device with 128 GB storage. That is double the built-in storage of today’s highest capacity found in iPhone and iPad.

First reported by iDownload Blog, the BuildManifest of the fift iOS 6.1 beta now includes 128 GB partition keys in addition to 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. However, this does not necessarily indicate that the Cupertino-based company will offer a next-generation iOS device with 128 GB capacity. But the discovery still shows that they may be preparing for the possibility.

Apple Rolls Out Fifth iOS 6.1 Beta to Developers

Last Saturday, Apple-centric website AppleInsider reported that the iPhone maker released the fifth beat of iOS 6.1 to developers. This continues the testing phase of the mobile operating system, which will bring more features to users.

Apple on Saturday released a fifth iOS 6.1 beta to developers, continuing the testing phase of the company’s mobile OS that will bring users a number of features, including enhanced mapping options and Siri-integration, when it launches later this year.

While rumors claimed Apple would soon rollout an iOS 6.1 Golden Master, the beta supplied to developers is not the finalized version that traditionally heralds an imminent public release.

Apple made the first iOS 6.1 betas available to developers in November of 2012, two months after iDevice users were given access to iOS 6. The version change came with a number of all-new features like the Apple-designed maligned Maps app, built-in Facebook integration, Photo Stream and Passbook, among others.

Past beta iterations revealed that the iOS 6.1 will offer an enhanced Map Kit framework that will allow users to search for map-based place names and points of interest with natural language strings. In an example given by a developer with access to the beta, a search for “coffee” returned the location and corresponding information of nearby coffee shops.

Additionally, iOS 6.1 will offer Fandango movie ticket purchases through Siri and refined iCloud security steps when setting up a new device.

The latest release comes over a month after the fourth iOS 6.1 beta arrived mid-December alongside fresh developer versions of Apple TV software and Xcode.

Developers can access the fifth iOS 6.1 beta from Apple’s developer website.

As of the moment, Apple offers iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with up to 64 GB capacity. Thus, a 128 GB offering would mean doubling today’s maximum capacity. The latest iOS 6.1 beta, on the other hand, was released to developers last Saturday.

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