New Details on ‘Killzone Mercenary’ Revealed

Killzon Mercenary Art | PSX Extreme

Killzon Mercenary Art | PSX Extreme

New details about the Killzone Mercenary for PlayStation Vita were revealed last Sunday afternoon on the Polish magazine PSX Extreme. As stated on the publication, the game makes use of an engine that is almost similar to Killzone 3 for PlayStation 3.

There were also reports that game developer Guerilla Games added new gimmicks to the engines. Thus, devs can take advantage of the PS Vita to a greater degree, which likely refers to its touch-screen game mechanics.

Performance and First Impression

In terms of visual quality, PSX Extreme describes the game as “gorgeous,” as its title also has big draw distances. Character models and animation were also described as “awesome.” The magazine further states that Killzone Mercenary is looking better than Uncharted, which is arguably the best-looking game on PS Vita yet.

When it comes to game’s performance, the publication reports that Killzone Mercenary performs at a stable frame rate even when the level is highly active. PSX Extreme even noted that the game is akin to a “portable Killzone 3.”

In relation to this, a NeoGAF member shared a breakdown of the game’s details as posted on the magazine.

  • Engine is nearly 1:1 from PS3 version
  • They added a few new gimmicks to the engine, so they can utilize more PS Vita
  • Game is gorgeous, clear and crispy textures, big draw distances
  • Character models are awesome, the same with animation
  • Stable FPS even with gigantic action inside levels
  • Literally—game is like portable Killzone 3, looking better than Uncharted.

Killzone Mercenary: Gameplay and Development

Killzone Mercenary is the fifth installment in the Killzone series, but it is the second hand-held title of the first-person shooter video game. Moreover, it is the first installment that is developed by Guerilla Games directly, as it is being worked up on the Guerilla Cambridge studio.

What’s cool about this upcoming game is that gamers will have the chance to play alongside Helgast forces and ISA specialists. They will carry out missions that regular soldiers just won’t or can’t.

As a mercenary, players can decide which strategies or loadouts they will use in order to fulfill their contract. Once it’s completed, they will be rewarded with money and weaponry. Since Killzone Mercenary is going to be a PS Vita title, it will use the console’s touch screen and rear touch panel to some extent.

It is expected that additional information regarding Killzone Mercenary will be shared this week on PlayStation Blog.

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