Details About ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Revealed

Grand Theft Auto V Logo | Official Video

Grand Theft Auto V Logo | Official Video

Dutch gaming website GameKings was able to conduct an interview with Rockstar Games’ Dan Houser regarding Grand Theft Auto V. The online publication also posted their findings on a video, describing all that they’ve learned about the game during their trip to the studio.

Grand Theft Auto V Details that You Need to Know

Houser confirmed that the scene, wherein Michael is seen sitting by the pool, witnessed by the press members during the gameplay demo of GTA V, is a playable section of the game. In addition, the mission showcased to the press was a real gameplay and not a scripted sequence.

However, neither of these scenes have been shown to the public as of yet. That’s why it should not be confused with the game’s second trailer.

As for the game’s missions, it will be approached through different means. If Houser’s video interview is being translated correctly, then there’s a possibility that GTA V will let gamers play as the three protagonists, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, at the same time.

Michael and Trevor are former bank robbers, while Franklin is much younger and is aspiring to become like them. With players being able to switch between their characters, an AI will take over where their gamers left off to keep moving along.

In relation to this, GTA V will feature a switching mechanism that will give players an indicator for each and every protagonist on the zoomed-out map. What’s cool about this feature is that it is unscripted. That way, gamers will be able to switch between these characters throughout the game.

How this feature is going to work is still unknown, as there is a possibility that a player will be forced to stay within a character in order to complete their missions. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting concept that could either make or break Grand Theft Auto V due to the complexity of handling three characters.

Other than GTA V’s free-form gameplay, gamers are allowed to perform heists and hijackings by following armored vans. In turn, they can take the money for themselves. It was also revealed that Rockstar made a lot of research on the LAPD and San Quentin State Prison. That said, these real-life places are likely to have analogues within Los Santos.

Although information about the game still remains scarce, there were reports that the European press was given a pre-screening of the game. This could mean that Rockstar Games is gearing up their marketing machine.

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