US FCC Reveals an Unannounced Apple TV

Apple TV | Apple Official Website

Apple TV | Apple Official Website

Last Tuesday, a regulatory test document filing from US Federal Communications Commission revealed an unannounced Apple TV dubbed as “A1469”. The new model boasts upgraded internals and a smaller form factor than the company’s current unit.

A Look at the Unannounced Apple TV

Based on the FCC filing, A1469’s design will be similar to the two most recent Apple TV iterations. However, its overall measurements will be trimmed down from 98 millimeters square to 93.78 millimeters square.

Along with it are detailed notes, which show testing of a low-power 40-nanometer Broadcom wireless chip that is identified as BCM4334. This specific component is being used in the latest iOS devices like the iPhone 5.

Also revealed in the FCC filing was the inclusion of Apple’s A5X processor. The documentation said that the testing of the chip, which is seen in the third-generation iPad, started as early as October 2012.

Expected Apple TV Launch

It is yet to be known when Apple will launched a tweaked Apple TV, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported earlier this month that their existing multimedia streamer will receive a request sometime this quarter. As reported by Apple-centric website Apple Insider:

Finally, 2013 is expected to be the last year in which the Apple TV is considered a “hobby”, but Kuo doesn’t believe that the company will introduce a full-fledged television set in the next 12 months. The existing media streamer is likely to morph into a serious business—possibly a full-fledged HDTV—in 2014, as Apple already has the infrastructure to support such a device with iTunes, the App Store and iCloud services.

Prior to this, the Apple TV refresh came in March 2012, featuring 1080p output and a faster A5 SoC to the device.

This news emerged after an Apple TV software version update was revealed last Monday. According to the report, an unknown hardware model was designated as “AppleTV3,2.” The new 5.2 software version adds support for Bluetooth keyboards and enhanced iTunes-in-the-Cloud integration.

The update can be downloaded directly by choosing the Settings application on Apple TV, then selecting “General” and “Software Update”. Below is the list of changes from the update:

  • iTunes in the Cloud: Browse and play your purchased iTunes music directly from iCloud.
  • Up Next: See upcoming songs when playing music, and easily choose what plays next.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard: Use your Apple Wireless Keyboard to control your Apple TV.

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