New Apple TV: Not a Redesign But a Tweaked Device

Apple TV | Apple Official Website

Apple TV | Apple Official Website

After it was revealed from a filing to US Federal Communications Commission that Apple was working on a new Apple TV, the company states that it will only be a slightly tweaked hardware. Thus, it will look and function similar to the current model.

New Apple TV is Just a Tweaked Version

Last Wednesday, Apple released a statement to The Verge, downplaying the speculations that they are working on a new Apple TV that will feature a new look and experience. Instead, the Cupertino-based company says that the newly approved model is just a minor upgrade to the existing hardware.

We sometimes make the component changes which require an updated model number for regulatory approval. The component changes we made don’t affect product features and Apple TV consumers will continue to have the same great user experience.

The statement was issued less than a day after US FCC revealed an unannounced Apple TV model. Identified as “A1469,” the filing suggests that the unit’s design will have a slight decrease in size from 98 millimeters to 93.78 millimeters square.

It is also revealed in the filing that the new hardware will boast a low-power 40 nanometer Broadcom wireless chip, which is identified as BCM4334. It is the same processor found in Apple’s iPhone 5, offering both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Still, Apple’s comments only suggest that any changes to the existing Apple TV model will be unnoticeable. There were claims that the hardware will sport a faster A5X chip, the same to the one used in the third-generation iPad.

Ramping Up Process Production for Another Popular Device

Due to this, there are speculations that Apple is making a silent switch to an A5X chip. This move is an effort to gradually ramp up production of processors bound for another, more popular device. The “another, more popular device” industry watchers are talking about could be the iPad Mini, as it was rumored to have a successor that will feature Retina Display.

Using this approach is not new to Apple, as they used the same tactic with the release of the current Apple TV. The product update brought in 1080-pixel video support, which is attributed to the shrunken A5 chip that uses 32-nanometer manufacturing process. That same chip was also placed in a $399 iPad 2 that was previously powered by 45-nanometer A5 chip.

In another news, Apple also issued a software update this week for an unannounced Apple TV model. The “AppleTV3,2” label implied that the updated hardware would be a minor revision of the existing set-top box, which is identified as “AppleTV3,1”.

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