Grid 2: Not Too Worried About Next-Gen Consoles

Grid 2 Box Art | Wikipedia

Grid 2 Box Art | Wikipedia

Despite the growing speculations about Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation console, Codemaster’s Grid 2 is not worried about it. That’s because they believe that Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are still more than capable.

Moreover, the game is pushing its technology on PC further compared to other consoles. According to its executive producer Clive Moody, this generation’s aging gaming system are not as restricting was what gaming pundits might think.

In fact, Grid 2’s team was able to survive this year’s early restructuring at Codemaster. However, the original Grid still stands out—especially on consoles—when it comes to racing games and publishing technology.

But with so much talk about next-generation consoles, as well as the potential of some title’s release date criss-crossing the generations, shouldn’t developers be anticipating the future? In an interview with X360, Moody said that there are less restrictions from PS3 and Xbox 360 than what would people think.

What we’re able to do with the car handling and the TrueFeel, the enhancements to the damage, the improved AI, all those elements that come together. Right now, we’re actually not hampered by current-gen, so who knows what comes next?

The funny thing is with consoles, whenever we get to the end of a game and I’ll sit down with the guys and look at what we’ve achieved. We always is there and go “You know what? We’ll never get anymore out of this, we can’t go further with this technology, this must be the absolute maximum”.

Then you’re in pre-production on another title and our tech guys will go, “Well, d’you know what? We could this a different way and get these improvements,” and that’s what you see happening, and what you see happening in this game.

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