‘Kingdom Under Fire 2’ for PC

Kingdom Under Fire 2 | Official Website

Kingdom Under Fire 2 | Official Website

It appears that Sony’s home console is no longer the main development platform for Kingdom Under Fire 2. Moreover, there were reports that the game’s PlayStation 3 version is being ported from it, although there will be some adjustments with the UI.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 on PC and PS3

In the latest YouTube video posted by the South Korean game developer Blueside, they wanted to show off KUF II’s PS3 version, as well as reveal that they are porting it from PC. Aside from that, the game will also feature cross-platform support, letting PS3 and PC players play alongside.

Blueside’s Son Hee Seung also said that a demo version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 for PS3 will most probably be available on store kiosks first. Hopefully, a demo for the PC version will also be rolled out. As for the game’s Xbox 360 version, seems like it got cancelled, as Blueside did not mention anything about it in their latest video.


Kingdom Under Fire 2: Gameplay and Plot

Developed in a high fantasy setting, Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a combination of real-time strategy, role playing game, and massive multi-player online game. Following the events of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom, the game will have a single player and an online multi-player mode.

With the combination of action RPG and real-time strategy, players will control a hero who can command a wide array of troops. They will have full control of their character, and can run around the environment freely with their troops following them.

It will feature a typical RTS when controlling other units, letting gamers move their troops, change their formations, and perform various actions. For example, cannons can be used to break down castle walls, while spearmen can be used to protect troops from cavalry.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 will follow the events of Circle of Doom—which was set within the alternative dimension of its main antagonist, Encablossa. The game’s events will continue the story that took place 150 years after The Crusaders.

It will also introduce a new faction called the “Encablossians,” who have been called by Regnier, an antagonist from the previous games. The game will explore the wars between the three factions: The Encablossians, Human Alliance, and Dark Legion, as well as their struggle for control over the continent of Bersia.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is expected to be released on PC and PS3 on June 30, 2013.

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