What Developers Think About BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 Launch Event | Official Website

BlackBerry 10 Launch Event | Official Website

During its launch event at Pier 36 in New York City last January 30, members of the press waited for Research In Motion CEO Thorsten Heins to officially unveil the BlackBerry 10 mobile platform. It comes together with two new smartphones: The BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10.

Now called BlackBerry, the company is hoping to make a resurgence with the release of its long-overdue mobile operating system. It is a new mobile OS that many analysts believe is the company’s last chance to become relevant in the market again. So what do developers think about the latest BlackBerry 10?

Jan Dawson, Chief Telecoms Analyst at Ovum

They’re happy to have another platform to develop for. It’s a good installed base that they should be able to sell into, so there will be some demand for the apps. That will be something that developers will be excited about.

Tim Richard, Co-founder of Weever Apps

Overall, the functionality works great. It takes a couple of minutes to adjust, but I think Android and iPhone type touch screen users would find it easier to adjust.

Daniel Jeppson, Founder of Funkoi Games

I think BB10 will have a tough fight ahead to win back their market share. It is not always the best technology that wins out. That said, I think there is a significant, entertainment-hungry, fun crowd of people that developers can cater to on the BlackBerry platform.

Andrew Kamondy, Founder of 99Cents

I’ll be honest, it (BlackBerry) is my third choice. But it could be my first choice depending on the app and the opportunity.

Harvey Elliot, COO at Marmalade

They’re not targeting apps, they’re saying “We want developers.” That’s an important distinction. And they’re not just using a single channel. They’ve been hosting webinars, there have been port-a-thons. They’re really spreading their communication options.

In relation to this, Foursquare CEO and co-founder Dennis Crowley, together with Microsoft Skype Division’s Vice President and General Manager of Business Development Bob Rosin, said that they are excited to be part of the mobile OS’ launch. Cisco’s Raj Gossain is also “proud to extend Cisco’s WebEx technology to the BlackBerry 10 platform.”

This may only be just a few of the thousands of developers working on the BlackBerry 10 apps, but the general response appears to be positive. Those who think otherwise are deemed by various online publications as just being cautious.

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