Man Makes Viral Amazon-Themed Online Resume

Amazon themed resume

Times are tough for people looking for employment. Which is why more than ever you really need to stand out and think outside of the box. Which is exactly what a web product manager named Philippe Dubost accomplished.

Dubost created a resume that looks exactly like an product page. Instead of a product Dubost listed himself as the item for purchase. It includes everything that a resume requires, such as education and previous work experience, it’s just all those details are found in the Product Details and Product Description sections that you would normally see on Amazon.

After being mentioned on Mashable during the end of January, the resume has gone viral and has been mentioned by pretty much every media outlet online. In fact, the page has an update from Dubost that states that his resume “has now attracted more than 1,000,000 visitors.” The resulting buzz surrounding the unique resume has left Dubost responding to praises, criticisms, and media requests via Twitter. But as of this writing, he still hasn’t found an employer. However, there are now millions of people who know about a trilingual marathon runner who made up a resume to look like an Amazon page.

Personally, I have mixed feelings. While the resume is well-done, clever and original, it can’t work for everyone. Philippe Dubost is a web product manager, so it works for him. Can you imagine this sort of resume being used by someone looking for a job in any other field, like accounting, teaching, law enforcement, etc.? It could work, but some employers could be turned off by such a resume. But that won’t stop the undeniable number of copycats from trying it out. Also, it comes off as a bit pompous and attention-seeking, but maybe that’s what you need to land a quality gig in today’s world.

We give Philippe Dubost credit for thinking outside of the box. It’s an interesting and well-crafted resume. We just hope that not too many people out there will start doing the same, especially when there are plenty of sites out there that give you tips on how to create quality resumes and avoid bad resumes.

That’s just our two cents. Drop us a comment and let us know what you think of Philippe Dubost’s Amaz-ing Resume.


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